Aromadieta Hirsch against emotional hunger

Aromadieta Hirsch against emotional hunger

Today, there are a huge number of diets (about 4 ths.), But the problem of excess weight is still important. Then maybe you should pay attention to other ways that allow you to get rid of the extra kilos?

Aromodieta Hirsch

I invented this method of losing weight American psychiatrist Alan Hirsch. For a long time he studied the effect of different odors on the human body. After several experiments, he determined the scents that make a person much more quickly feel full.

According to Alan, the main cause of overeating and overweight - emotional hunger, as it was he who causes a person to have a bite and generally not very useful food.

The reasons for overeating:

  • constant stress;
  • lack of positive emotions;
  • unhealthy lifestyle.
Unusual tips

To suppress appetite psychiatrist offers such an unusual method: after you eat a chocolate bar does not need to throw away the wrapper. It is necessary to carry and when you want something to eat, just enough to smell the wrapper. The smell of chocolate perfectly suppresses appetite. The effect of this method was tested on volunteers. Just a month with the help of wrappers from chocolate people can lose up to 5 kg of excess weight.

Another effective method: high-calorie meal can be replaced by diet, the main thing is to preserve the smell. This can be done using a variety of spices.

Basic rules aromodiety Hirsch
  1. Before each meal swipe aromatherapy session. There are a huge number of scents that reduce appetite, for example, pine, nutmeg, green apple, citrus and others. Purchase at the pharmacy bottle of one of these odors and breathe deeply into each nostril 15 minutes. prior to the meal.
  2. Also be sure to smell food before eating, take a few deep breaths. So you deceive the brain, because it will think that you have already started. This feeling of saturation comes much earlier.
  3. Eat slowly, chewing each bite thoroughly. You have to enjoy the food, to fully feel the taste and aroma. Because of this you will not only be satisfied with food, but also to get a real pleasure from the process. Already after a while you will see that in order to feel the saturation does not need to eat a lot, and quite a small portion.
  4. During cooking, add more natural spices to vary the taste and flavor of the dish. It is also recommended to eat food hot, as it was in such a state fragrance products is disclosed in full.
  5. Avoid the use of a variety of semi-finished products and fast food, because they contain different amplifiers of taste and smell, which causes a person strong appetite . As a result, you eat a lot more than really wanted.
  6. During the meal you have to be focused and passionate about the absorption process. Do not eat in front of TV or during a conversation, so you can simply control
    Aromadieta Hirsch against emotional hunger
    the amount of food eaten.

After some time the body to rebuild and you will need to satisfy not psychological, but only physiological hunger. It's enough to eat a small portion. Before starting this diet is recommended to consult a doctor.

If you follow these simple rules aromodiety Hirsch, then after some time to improve digestion, metabolism, and of course you get rid of extra kilos. If you continue to use the principles of weight loss options, then the weight will not come back.

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