Parisian Diet

Parisian Diet

You do not seem paradoxical, that in recent years, the world is divided between nutrition is two Frenchmen - Ducane Pierre and Jean-Michel Cohen? The French love like no one else to eat, drink, ponaslazhdatsya. This nation considers a subject of the highest art of food and higher pleasure, and now they will have to learn to lose weight. Oh well…

General facts

Parisian Diet - an innovative method of losing weight in French. The essence of the diet - weight loss for a long period without severe restrictions. By this method, Jean-Michel Cohen - nutritionist Monsieur Sarkozy, and the most formidable enemy of his compatriot and colleague Pierre Ducane .

Cohen says he has become a dietitian, because his mom all the time overfeed itself, after several failures in life, much stout. The boy grew up and became a doctor in order to understand and help those who are experiencing similar problems.

Diet Jean-Michel Cohen - it is not a diet, but a lifestyle. Cohen - the enemy sudden weight loss, and then another set of weights. Most express diets work for short-term results, and then, six months later, people struggling in hysterics, not knowing what to do with herself and how to live.

There is no miracle diet, which at the moment make you a perch. Diet Dr. Cohen - a realistic style of food that will not cause problems with losing weight once and for all.

Cohen vs Ducane

Somehow Dr. Cohen has publicly commented on the Dukan Diet, which not only leads to weight regain, but also harmful to health. As a result, Pierre Ducane (nutritionist Duchess of Cambridge) filed a lawsuit against a colleague. During Cohen against Ducane won the first, proving that Dr. Ducane intentionally causing harm to human health.

diet Phases

Jean-Michel Cohen wrote a whole book about Parisian diet. The book contains not only a description of all the intricacies of the diet, but also very many other things:

  • food substitutes - Cohen will talk about how to replace tasteless dietary ingredients on tasty and healthy (the book contains a list of unique products);
  • Dr. Cohen teaches how to make an order in a restaurant, eating at the banquet table, and at a party, then to not weep for what he did;
  • portions, the amount of calorie counting or even hundreds of tasty recipes diet and, most importantly, French dishes.

It seems that Cohen did not create Parisian diet, diet and sensible man. The worst thing in the rapid weight loss is that it acts like a drug: losing weight once and raspolnev again, the man again rushed to the rapid weight loss. This process will go on forever, because people are not losing weight to look good, but in order to cover their need for diets.

Dr. Cohen will allow you to lose weight even when tasting chocolate factory. The method of this diet he heard from one farmer to the gastronomic festival in one of the French regions. Village man not only umyal all the goodies, but wiped the crust plate. Cohen asked him how often allows himself a hearty lunch, man. To which he replied simply: "If so hearty lunch, dinner should be liquid, such as water soup."

The essence of the diet is to understand Cohen nutritionist

Parisian Diet
that sit on the diet for three months and can not be broken only a madman. Nutritionist says if broke down, simply reduce the caloric content of the next day.

Diet milozvuchnyh comprises three stages:

  • "a cafe";
  • "bistro";
  • "gourmet".

The first step is optional, it is designed for people who have to motivate must, first of all, to see the result. He - very hard, last 10 days, after which you will lose up to 5 kg.

After step cafe harmful move to the usual diet. Once started, so keep - 2-3 weeks "bistro" and from one month to three "foodie". All of these steps can make a holiday of French gastronomy and inspiration in the kitchen, in parallel, losing weight.

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