Goodbye diet!

Goodbye diet!

"Goodbye, diet!" - A book that wrote Olga Goloshapova, is the author of weight loss without dieting system. For many people who for various reasons are not able to sustain the diet, such a system can be useful. In addition, losing weight is supposed to without any violence against him, and even without bans.

"Goodbye, diet!" Olga Goloshapova - a small book of 200-odd pages, essentially describing the simple principles that we all know, but not all perform. Author technique not only offers a simple and intuitive way of eating, but also some practical exercises that will help mentally prepare for it.

So the whole system, presented by the author, is reduced to three rules: you can eat anything you want and whenever you want, but only if you are really hungry. If you have the feeling of hunger is not affected, you should not eat. It seems to be simple and straightforward, but because does not everyone adheres to this rule! We used to eat for the company to eat out of boredom, to eat, because we are sad, eat, because the holiday, etc. There is to satisfy hunger - that is what needs to come. Everything else is not a reason to eat. In other words, if you use food as intended - that is, to generate energy - it does not cause you any harm.

The modern man, according to Olga Goloshapova, the main problem lies in the capacious phrase "do not want to eat, but eat". In this case, there causes a feeling of appetite, feeling of hunger instead, and this is the difficulty. If you listen to your body and know when it actually requires food, and when he just want to escape, you can effortlessly adjust the weight.

Goodbye diet!

If you have among friends "always slender" people, you'll notice that they never eat without desire. If a person does not want to have, then it is not necessary extra energy, and if in this case the food arrives - it is immediately deposited into fat, as to spend it in the body there is no chance.

The system proposed Goloshapova, echoes R. Schwarz system, which offers in addition to the diet as a whole to improve their lives through the use of simple techniques - do not put off until tomorrow, etc.

That is why it makes no sense to think about how to stop hungry. Simply refuse to eat without feeling hungry. Of course, at the same time you can eat whatever you like, but should concentrate on the most useful products.

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