Diet Sybarite

Diet Sybarite

Sybarite - diet Elena Stoyanova, which allows you to lose weight easily and effortlessly, without denying themselves all in a row. The main thing that gives such a diet - it is a smooth replacement of harmful products for utility, as a result can not give a positive result. Moreover, soft diet during the total caloric intake is reduced, causing slimming passes naturally. And if you do not give up such an important and significant part of the diet as exercise, the results will surprise you. Diet takes from 6 weeks to 6 months - as long as you do not come to the desired result.

Sybarite nutrition program for weight loss

The author proposed a diet diet, which should be followed in order to achieve optimal results. Sybarite supply system is as follows:

  1. Breakfast: serving cocktails, a glass of tea or coffee (without cream, milk and sugar).
  2. Lunch: a portion of each cereal on the water from natural grains (brown rice, buckwheat, chickpea, millet). A portion should be not more than 200 grams (a glass of oatmeal).
  3. For 20-30 minutes before dinner cocktail polportsii take to reduce your appetite.
  4. Lunch: a small piece of chicken, meat or fish steamed or boiled; a large portion of salad of fresh vegetables with olive oil.
  5. Dinner: serving cocktail.
  6. An hour before sleep: a cup of cocoa on the water without sugar.

Do not forget - it depends on your efforts, how rich is your diet. Do not stop on one kind of fruit in a cocktail, try to give yourself the maximum diversity. The recipe can be found below.

Cocktail "Sybarite"

Cocktail "Sybarite" Elena Stoyanova is a protein-carbohydrate mixture that is great for replacing meals. It's easy to cook at home, with your own hands, and of simple and affordable products - cheese, fruits and berries. This dish is not only beautiful, but also delicious, and its sweet taste will make you forget about the craving for desserts.

Cook it very simple: Mix in a blender or whisk wad of fat-free yogurt and "conditional apple" - 160 g of any fruit, apple, orange, peach or two. You can select each time a different fruit filling, not to drink stale. Observe the proportions: 100 g cottage cheese 80 grams of strictly fruits / berries. The resulting number - is one standard serving, which should be used at a time.

Sybarite program: how to maintain the result?

Sybarite system will allow you not only to achieve optimal weight, but also to maintain the results. To do this, you need to change a few became familiar during the weight-loss system. Cocktail remains, but now it is necessary to eat only once a day - breakfast or supper (second preferred embodiment), or divided into two steps. It is important not to overeat and choose a balanced diet.

Alternatively, Stoyanova diet and provides a sample diet for weight maintenance:

  1. Breakfast: polportsii cocktail.
  2. Lunch: vegetable or fruit salad.
    Diet Sybarite
  3. Lunch: a portion of meat, poultry, fish with a garnish of vegetables or soup and a piece of whole grain bread.
  4. Dinner: polportsii cocktail.
  5. An hour before bedtime can drink cocoa or 1% kefir.

Sybarite - balanced diet and lose weight on it, you can without any harm to health. Most importantly, it gives this diet - the habit of eating healthy and avoiding unhealthy foods, which can seriously damage any figure. Eating on the proposed system after a couple of weeks you will find that you are no longer concerned about the craving for sweets, fatty and harmful. Your taste preferences will now be much more correct, and a serving of fruit will bring you much more than cakes or sweets.

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