Diet Dr. Ionova

Diet Lydia ions as any professionally composed diet is under a strict scientific basis. The main rule of the power system - prevent spikes in blood sugar, because of which there is an unhealthy appetite and a tendency to overeat.

Diet according to the method of Dr. Ionova

All those who do not like to remember complicated power supply circuit, will be satisfied with a diet doctor ions. Required to make all your diet from foods whose glycemic index (that affects the level of blood sugar) less than 50 units, as well as to follow the balanced diet of the pyramid, which is attached to Ionova diet:

Diet Dr. Ionova

To determine the glycemic index (GI) foods is very simple: there are special tables, where the indices are indicated. It is enough to print and hang it on the fridge:

Diet Dr. Ionova

Lose weight on this diet can be arbitrarily long time, until you reach the desired weight. This gives a slow, but persistent effect.

Healthy Habits: Diet Dr. Ionova

Dr. Ionova Diet allows anyone to easily adjust to a proper diet. The problem of short diets is that people do not have time to say goodbye to fat, as immediately returned to the usual diet and gaining weight back.

Diet Dr. Ionova
This system changes the eating habits that can easily support the weight.

Consider the example of a correct diet menu:

  • 6: 00-11: 00 - breakfast: buckwheat porridge with butter;
  • 11: 00-14: 00 - Lunch: boiled fish with spices;
  • 14: 00-17: 00 - lunch: a pack of low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of milk or yogurt;
  • 17: 00-19: 00 - Dinner: any more suitable for GI fruits;
  • 19: 00-23: 00 - snack: 2 raw grated carrots.

Eating this way all the time, you will not feel hunger, become healthier and easy to get rid of the extra kilos.

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