Diet Svetlana Ahtarovoy

Diet Svetlana Ahtarovoy

Svetlana Ahtarova - not a nutritionist with a worldwide reputation. This is a woman who has collected will in a fist, and she lost 70 kilos and a half years. At the same time she used the system that has developed for itself and, as shown by her experience, very successful. Until now, she continues to live in the same rhythm - it allows her to keep the weight effectively. Now Svetlana Ahtarovoy diet gained some popularity due to the spread of the thematic forums.

Svetlana Ahtarova: diet

At the time of the marriage the author of the diet weighed 90 kilograms, and after giving birth, the figure is even higher. Ahtarovoy Diet began spontaneously and rapidly on the same day, when someone from the old friends asked to send a photo. On the same day, Svetlana realized that it was time to change something.

The essence of the diet is the total elimination of high-calorie foods and foot walks, which replace a dinner.

Diet Ahtarovoy: exemplary breakfast menu, lunch, dinner

Consider the menu every day, which was used by Svetlana. This approach allowed her to quickly regain the old form:

  1. Breakfast: egg or scrambled eggs, low-fat cottage cheese.
    Diet Svetlana Ahtarovoy
  2. Lunch: fruit (any).
  3. Lunch: boiled chicken garnished with fresh cabbage, tea without sugar.
  4. Afternoon snack: fruit or vegetable, is another option - low-fat yogurt.
  5. Dinner - no, instead walking tour for 5 km in comfortable shoes and clothing.

It is worth noting that parallel to this Svetlana turned to the individual coach who calculate the required load for her. This approach helped to avoid saggy, loose skin and immediately turn into a slender beauty. Such a commitment can only envy, and now, looking at the slender Svetlana, hard to believe that it all could weigh over a hundred kilograms.

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