The Japanese diet for 14 days

The Japanese diet for 14 days

The Japanese diet, or rather in the words of those who advocate it, a lot of contradictions. In the first place, often in two different sources it suggests the opposite menu, secondly, weight loss results could admire, if there were not such unrealistically high, well, and, thirdly, the Japanese diet - it is not easy (as spoken by the majority ) way to lose weight.

The most common Japanese diet for 14 days - and this, for two weeks at a physiological minimum of calories.


Calorie menu Japanese diet for 14 days - is 1200 kcal / day. These calories we gain, mainly due to meat and fish (probably a modern Japanese diet, because traditionally meat in Japan was virtually no). It really is a protein diet.

Salt and sugar are banned, as well as all the flour. For breakfast, have to do without sandwiches, feasting upon the coffee - every day for two weeks, you will drink is coffee.

Spices are also eliminated, instead of the Japanese diet for your 2 weeks as a flavoring agent, provided the lemon juice and fresh herbs.

This diet is, of course, nonalcoholic. Alcohol - is the same sugar, a source of empty calories.

On the day you will have all three meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner, with no snacks. Within two weeks of the half-starved walk, say, lose about 10 kg. I have to say it is very likely, but on the condition that before you had a lot of weight and you actively consume salt.

At first, the Japanese salt-free diet for 14 days lost is water. And if you had it in abundance (in the form of edema), you can easily lose more than 10kg.


We offer you our recipe of the Japanese diet for 14 days. Below, you can choose lunch and dinner for each of the 14 days:

1. Breakfast - always a cup of organic coffee without sugar. Permitted additives (no more frequently than once every three days):

  • 1 piece of bread;
  • 1 egg, 3 carrots with olive oil, a little Parmesan cheese.

2. Lunch:

  • 2 hard boiled eggs, cabbage salad with olive oil, tomato juice;
  • boiled fish, salad from fresh vegetables with olive oil;
  • 1 zucchini, fried in vegetable oil;
  • fried fish and 1 cup of tomato juice;
  • boiled chicken (400g, peeled), coleslaw with carrots and olive oil;
  • boiled beef, fruit .

3. Dinner:

  • boiled fish, cabbage salad with olive oil;
  • boiled beef, a glass of low fat yogurt;
  • boiled beef, 2 eggs, coleslaw;
  • fruit (assorted);
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs and carrot salad with linseed oil.

This diet is contraindicated in people with diseased kidneys. protein abundance can delight bodybuilders, but the kidneys, which accounts for all output.

In the Japanese diet can not sit for more than two weeks, and go (slowly add the salt in the diet, carbohydrate foods) as much as her and sat - 14 days.

Precautions should be taken to this weight loss cores - coffee is not the best product for your heart, especially if you drink it so often.

Refrain from this method of weight loss is necessary for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

The Japanese diet for 14 days
With so many calories on the menu, and the man himself, it can not support (for the bill, by the way, and there is weight loss), and certainly not able to provide nutrients the child matter.

Of course, the loss of water is stored in the subcutaneous edema, happy. But the water is easy to gather back when finishing a diet, you are relieved to be back on salt swoop, not to mention the fat and sweet.

The Japanese diet - imbalanced. You lose weight quickly, but you do not lose weight on a healthy and just lose weight. This means that as soon as you stop to adhere to this Hard menu, it comes time to think about a new cycle of weight loss.

This diet - very strict. She can not get carried away and repeat the "Japanese" series can be only two years.

Diet may lead to a slower metabolism, because two weeks for 1200 kcal - is very noticeable to the body. As a result, gain weight after the diet is very simple, and keep it off - much harder than the last time.

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