Diet "week has"

Diet "week has"

Sometimes people think that the cause of all their failures lies in the extra kilograms. If they do not, the whole life would have gone differently. It seems that if you get rid of them, the right wings grow behind him!

In this situation, you need to act quickly, before it lost the fighting spirit. And the first results, which will help to believe in yourself and do not give up to get as soon as possible. And help us in this fast diet can.

Diet "week has"

As the name implies, it lasts only a week, and the first results are already noticeable in the second or third day.

In total, during this period you can throw from 4 to 7 kilograms. Agree, this result will be noticeable.

"Week" - the common name for the whole group is quite effective, but stressful for the body's diets. But most versions agree that the first day of the diet "week has" is drinking. The main "dish" on this day can be yogurt, milk, drinking yoghurt. And this is not only a common feature of this group of diets.

There to lose weight

In diet 'week has "a lot of menu options. Here is one example:

  • 1 day. 1 kg. apples;
  • Day 2. 1 liter of milk (1-1.5% fat);
  • 3 day. 1 kg of grapefruit and green tea;
  • 4 day. 1.5 L of buttermilk fat content is not more than 2%;
  • 5 day. 1 kg of fresh vegetables to choose from: carrots, celery, cucumbers, cabbage and so on;
  • Day 6. 1 liter of drinking yoghurt one percent;
  • Day 7. 1 kg plums and 1 pineapple.

These products are divided into 5-7 equal portions.

As a rule, in the diet "week has" goes the alternation - 1 day drinking one - solid food. However, common to all days is that such menu is the strongest stress , as a result of which there is such a desirable loss of kilograms and centimeters.

Advantages and disadvantages of "weeks"

As with any diet, diets have "week has" group has its pluses and minuses. Firstly, the daily alternating menu does not leave the body without it needs vitamins and minerals. In the days of drinking the body receives from the milk and dairy products, calcium, necessary for our bones, hair and nails. Equally valuable is easily digestible protein, which is the material for the construction of all cells.

Due to the new daily diet, we have every day a new effect: clean the intestines, remove toxins, get rid of excess moisture and swelling, normalize digestion. And besides that improves the complexion and overall health. Thus, an integrated approach helps us to deal directly with all the causes of excess weight .

Well, the main advantage of course is a rapid loss of kilos.

However, in the diets of the "week has" pros and cons go hand in hand. Drastic weight reduction always carries a risk to health. Therefore, the diet data are contraindicated for people with acute and chronic diseases, immunocompromised, for women during pregnancy and lactation. In addition such a diet even completely healthy people can be used no more than once every six months.

Diet "week has"

It is also important to remember that during such a diet is necessary to drink plenty of water between meals, or dehydration can occur. During weeks it is not necessary to do manual labor, and give the body a strong load during exercise. It can also negatively affect your health.

Due to the large number of contraindications and disadvantages to sit on such a diet can be only after consultation with a nutritionist. In case of deterioration of state of health is necessary to stop the diet and consult a doctor.

However, following all these guidelines, you can really get a great result in the short term. In terms of the speed of weight loss diet "week has" just super.

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