How to lose weight in three days?

How to lose weight in three days?

Nearing an important date, you decide to try on the dress, which will go to the event ... and realize that you need to lose weight for three days immediately! This situation is familiar to many women. We consider the most friendly options to lose weight in three days.

How to lose weight for three days on kefir?

If you decide to lose weight in three days, you should know: you lose weight is not fat, and fluid and intestinal contents, which means that the lost will come back as soon as possible. For high-quality diet, you should find another way.

So we offer a pretty tough, but effective diet on kefir and apples, which is one of the classic. All day you are entitled to 3 apples and 1 bottle of low-fat yogurt. These products you can use in any order. In the second and third days of the diet is repeated, while other products include strictly prohibited. As a result, you will throw off about 2-3 kg. Overweight .

How fast to lose weight for three days on a cucumber?

Cucumber - is a unique vegetable whose calorie is so small that they can be there indefinitely. Recommended Number Ogurtsova of mono - 1 - 1.5 kilogram per day. Additionally allowed to drink 1 cup of nonfat yogurt, and green tea and water you can drink unlimited. Ideal - take the cucumber portions 5-6 times a day according to the principle of fractional power.

This cucumbers can be eaten in its natural form, and you can chop up and fill the yogurt. This diet often use models and scenes of the stars on the eve of important speeches. Eating this way, you will drop no more than 2-3 kg. Try to get out of the diet correctly, not overeating at the end of the first day, and gradually introducing into the diet products. So you reduce the stress that is applied to the body to sharp change of food type.

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