Effective diet for 2 weeks

Effective diet for 2 weeks

When time is limited, many seek to find a short-term way to bring the body back in shape. There are several effective diets for 2 weeks, which allow no harm to the body to lose 2-4 kilograms. During the same period, you can lose weight and all 5, but it is in the case of a large amount of excess weight . Count on these results to those who weighs 55-60 kg, it is not necessary.

Protein diet for 2 weeks

Please note: this power system is only suitable for those who do not have kidney problems. Otherwise, it is contraindicated. Sample menu for each day:

  1. Breakfast: 1 egg, a portion of the sea or the usual cabbage, tea without sugar.
  2. Lunch: a portion of low-fat soup without potatoes, with meat, fish or poultry.
  3. Snack: a glass of kefir.
  4. Dinner: 100-150 grams of boiled beef, chicken or fish + vegetable garnish.

It's not a strict diet for 2 weeks, and it is quite gentle to the body. During the day you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water 1 cup at the reception.

Diet "2 weeks minus 5 kg"

One of the most effective diets for 2 weeks - lacto-vegetarian diet. It is no secret that the dairy products, fruits and vegetables - most low-calorie. Composing your diet of them, you will quickly and effectively lose weight without feeling hungry. The diet for each day:

  1. Breakfast: sandwich with cheese, apple and tea.
  2. Lunch: any fruit (if hungry).
  3. Lunch: steamed vegetables or vegetable salad and tea.
  4. Snack: a glass of milk product.
  5. Dinner: pack of cottage cheese with yogurt, tea.

If you feel before going to bed hungry, allowed to drink a glass of nonfat yogurt. Incidentally, all of these milk products must be either grease or fat to less than 2%.

Proper diet, allowing lose weight in 2 weeks if you are not so important a quick result as getting habits of proper nutrition , it is - your choice. In this case, you lose up to 2-3 kg, but at the same time accustom the body to eat right. This diet can be

Effective diet for 2 weeks
continue indefinitely, it is based on the principles of a healthy diet. The diet for a day:

  1. Breakfast: cereal with fruit and tea.
  2. Lunch: any fruit.
  3. Lunch: light salad, serving soup, juice.
  4. Snack: tea with a slice of cheese or a portion of yogurt.
  5. Dinner: lean beef, chicken or fish with a side dish of vegetables or cereals.

Continuing to feed a predetermined pattern, you have to forget the snacks and sweets junk food, resulting in weight loss process begins. Do not forget to control the size of the portions - the food at a time to be fit on a standard plate.

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