Effective diet for a week

Effective diet for a week

Quickly lose weight for a couple of sizes before an important event was made possible thanks to the new trends of nutrition and medicine. Today we tell about what kind of diet is effective and calculated for only a week. During these 7 days you safely clean the body, unload the stomach and introduce to normal metabolism . mono diets limited menu allows to save you from planning your diet and going to the store.

If you want to put in order the hair, condition of skin and body in general, pay attention to the buckwheat diet , which is also designed for a week. Moreover during the course you do not have to starve or feel any discomfort.

Diet Menu is extremely uncomplicated. At night brew one cup of buckwheat, spread out over the day, an equal amount of porridge. It is also allowed to drink low-fat yogurt. On the week will have to forget about the spices. However, sometimes you can pamper yourself with soy sauce without salt content. At the end of the course, weight loss is an average of 5 kilograms. The most important thing - to adhere to proper nutrition after that all your efforts were not in vain.

Vegetable diet for a week will certainly appeal to those who want to not only lose weight but also improve your body. During the week, allowed the use of fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, cereals and soups. From the sweet, fatty and starchy foods will still have to be abandoned. During the diet you will increase the supply of vitamins and minerals in the body, as well as strengthen nails and hair follicles. The average weight loss after a course of about 4 kilograms.

Options Weekly diet menu

First option:

  • Breakfast - apple, a cup of fresh berries, natural unsweetened yogurt;
  • Lunch - Green tea with milk, vegetable soup, salad of cabbage and carrot;
  • afternoon snack - a banana;
  • Dinner - berry compote, peppers, stuffed with vegetables.

Refreshments can always yogurt, cucumbers and tomatoes. If you are accustomed to tea with sweets, try the first time to replace your favorite desserts prunes or dried apricots.

The second option:

  • breakfast - muesli with milk, orange, black tea;
  • Lunch - curd with prunes, vegetable stew;
  • afternoon tea - berry compote, grapefruit;
  • dinner - braised eggplant or cabbage, tomato salad and cucumber, seasoned with a teaspoon of olive oil or lemon juice.

Kefir diet for a week and does not limit the meals only one yogurt, but it is the main component. Acquainted with the exemplary menu for the fact that you finally convinced all the pros the power on this principle.

The first option - striped diet:

  • first day - Kefir (1.5 liters of yogurt, green tea);
  • second day - a common food.

If a week to eat this way, you can lose 4 kilograms effortlessly and restrictions.

There is also another option. Every day is recommended to drink 1.5 liters of yogurt.

  • 1 day - boiled buckwheat tea;
  • 2 day - boiled chicken;
  • 3 day - boiled beef, apple;
  • 4 day - boiled fish low-fat varieties;
  • 5 day - vegetable salad, oranges;
  • 6 day - only kefir;
  • Effective diet for a week
  • Day 7 - non-carbonated water.

A similar principle is power at first glance seems simple, but have yet to get used to it. The results did not wait long, you will lose weight by an average of 6-7 kg.

No matter what diet you have chosen, do not forget to put 1.5 liters of water per day, foot walks and morning exercises. If, however, the feeling of hunger does not leave you during the course, resort to using natural fiber, which is sold in any grocery store. It improves digestion, contribute to cleanse the intestines.

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