Diet "12 days"

Diet "12 days"

If you're ready 12 days severely restrict your diet, this diet is for you. She's strict, but the result is worth it. Just be sure to follow the rules and designed the menu. Use of such a diet is not more than 1 time in 2 months.

Fast diet for 12 days: the main points

  1. Each day you will eat new foods, and they are selected in such a way to prevent the emergence of feelings of hunger and reduce the risk of failure.
  2. Diet 12 days promises to get rid of 12 kg of excess weight .
  3. Do not use this diet for people who have health problems.
  4. It is best to start using the diet in the autumn-winter period.
  5. It is forbidden to eat after 18-00.
  6. Every day you need to drink at least 2 liters of water.
  7. You can not use sugar and salt.
Sample menu diet for 12 days

Day 1 - Kefir. During the whole day you can drink 1 liter of low-fat yogurt and herbal tea.

Day 2 - Fruit. During the whole day, eat 5 oranges and drink herbal tea.

Day 3 - Curd. On this day it is allowed to eat 750 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and the same herbal tea.

Day 4 - Vegetable. Permission is granted to one liter of the bank squash caviar and tea.

Day 5 - Chocolate. During the day only 100 g of dark chocolate and drink tea.

Day 6 - Apple. You can eat all day 1.5 kg of apples peeled, best green and tea.

Day 7 - Cheese. During the whole day - 300 g low-fat cottage cheese and tea.

Day 8 - Vegetable. Prepare a salad of your favorite vegetables, except potatoes, and season with lemon juice can or vegetable oil. Drink 1 liter of tomato juice and herbal tea.

Day 9 - Meat. Permission is granted to 400 grams of lean beef, you want to boil and drink tea.

Day 10 - Vegetable.

Diet "12 days"
Prepare a salad of the following ingredients: tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, cabbage and parsley, season with all the oil. Do not forget about the tea.

Day 11 - Curd. Repeat 3 day.

Day 12 - Fruit. Eat 1 kg plums, if not, you can replace prunes (0.5 kg) and, of course, tea.

Effective diet for 12 days will help improve skin condition, if the daily take 1 tbsp. spoon of vegetable oil. This skin does not sag after weight loss, but on the contrary will be elastic. To effect was more prominent, exercise and walk in the fresh air. If, during the diet you feel unwell, it is better to abandon this method of losing weight and choose a more balanced diet.

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