How to lose weight in 10 days?

How to lose weight in 10 days?

So, you are going to lose weight and are at your disposal at all about all 10 days. Believe me, to lose weight in 10 days can be very significant, important to make every effort, willpower and unlearn hear rumblings in the abdomen. For our example of how to lose weight in 10 days will be Madonna - for thirty years, as this diva does not fade the peak of popularity, and, let's face it, in many ways she helps her perfect physical form. Jealous? Try to eat 10 days as Madonna.

The essence of the diet

A diet that helps you lose weight in 10 days is a strict macrobiotic diet. The Madonna diet excludes all wheat, eggs, milk and all dairy products and meat. This is - the super detox that suits the singer himself before important publication.

On the first day you eat breakfast Japanese miso soup and brown rice. Believe me, after a hearty dinner soup diet you miss voluntarily, and for dinner you are allowed to treat yourself stewed barley and algae.

On the second day the singer has only non-starch vegetables and apple Fuji varieties. The third day of the Madonna dedicates sport, bringing out all the toxins from the body, and thus even more activating your metabolism. At lunch she eats her favorite miso soup, and dinner prefers something soy - tofu or meat.

Fourth day compensates our lack of carbohydrates and therefore only sweet plum part of the menu. And on the fifth and sixth day of the diet Madonna output - has allowed everything that comes into my head (but do it wisely). We recommend you do not go crazy and eat small portions, and then the habit, the stomach may fail.

Then, the next three days - 7,8,9 - Madonna eats tofu in various combinations: in salads, miso soup, rice and barley. And on the tenth day of the final you can afford any of those diet foods that you eat this tenday.

How to lose weight in 10 days?

If you manage to lose weight quickly over the 10 days - not surprising, because the caloric content of the diet is minimal, and adding another at least half of those physical activities that are included in the daily program of the Madonna, you can say with a clear conscience that only lost weight on their own.

But this diet is not a canon for those who need to lose weight fast for 10 days.

You can use a combination of the mono diets (preferably so that the carbohydrate and protein alternated days), or just go for a split meals without the sweet and greasy and thus actively participate in sports.

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