Diet "20 kg in 20 days"

Diet "20 kg in 20 days"

Well, that I woke up today with the thought that urgently need to get rid of all the excess weight , without any mercy and favors? Curiously, the same brought to such conclusions. Presumably, you either have realized that everything in my life so far do not, as would be necessary, and with enlightenment came and thirst fix everything as soon as possible, or you just remembered that in a month, not later, you need to look at 100 (not kg, million). Whatever it was - it's your own business. Well, it is our duty - to curb your impulse commendable and very clearly explain that to lose 20 kg in 20 days, and if the problem is real, is not safe.

Size matters

Yes, that's your size. Let's see what it means to the diet, which lost 20 kg in 20 days. If your weight is 70 kg and you want to - 50 - is one thing, but if your weight is 150, and after the diet will be 130 kg - is quite another matter. Remember, this month the maximum permissible weight loss - 10% of the original mass, ie 20 kg for people with different masses - it can be deadly, and may not be noticeable.


When you sit on a diet, whether it's a diet of 20 days minus 20 kg or 3-4 plain-day diet, the body is under stress. In this state, in the first days, you lose all the excess fluid, and lose weight. Further security is dependent on the duration of the stress.

After several days of weight loss on a diet, your body realizes that happened some change and security should be postponed for has arrived "black" day. Fat deposits are beginning to emerge even from this meager food that you eat on a diet. A metabolism - that is, spending on livelihoods, build new cells, tissue regeneration, hydration of the skin, all these things are minor, they are, like a mouse, you can save. As a result, you lose muscle mass, gaining the same "fat", your hair, nails, teeth and bones are vulnerable and fragile. All nutrients are spent on the most important thing - the heart, brain, blood and fat deposits in the event of famine has already arrived. Establish metabolism in the future, even with a normal diet, it is not always possible.


Diet "20 kg in 20 days"

Well, okay, if you do not take much what's inside, then maybe you somehow react to the next. Imagine how you would look if a week will throw off a diet of 20 kg? Sumptuously? And if you think is better? The fact that at such a rapid weight loss, the skin does not have time to shrink after the new forms. As a result, the inevitable "fellow traveler" quick diets are stretching, from which escape is even harder than cellulite.

Output you have one: cease to treat your body as a service staff. It is not created to satisfy you with its appearance, it is not to put on him experiments. Respect yourself and value your health!

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