Diet for gout during the exacerbation

Diet for gout during the exacerbation

The disease, which is associated with metabolic disturbances called gout . At the same ailment in the body produce large amounts of uric acid. Her deposition occurs in all joints, in connection with which a person experiences severe pain in them. First of all, it affects the fingers of the lower and upper extremities. Medicine is not able to cope with this disease. To date, no drugs that could save people from the disease. However, if you do not fight it, the disease can become chronic. In order to eliminate the symptoms of this disease and to create conditions unfavorable to postponing salt diet for gout patients was developed. Its main task - to normalize the exchange of purine and reduce the formation of uric acid.

Diet for gout during the exacerbation

At the first sign of the disease the person is recommended to follow a diet. This disease is accompanied by the following symptoms: pain in the damaged joints, swelling occur. Generally, these symptoms persists for two weeks, after which disease retreats. During this period, in order to ease the pain, should not only stick to the basics of the proposed power supply, but also to comply with every rule diet for gout:

  • must eat 4 times, at regular intervals;
  • not allowed hunger or overeating;
  • the patient should drink at least 3 liters of fluid when exacerbated disease.

Now consider the principles of the diet for gout, as well as that it is useful to eat, and what not.

Let's start with the forbidden food. It includes broths of meat, mushrooms and fish, smoked products, meat and all offal. At an exacerbation of the disease need to categorically refuse to canned goods, spices, legumes, cheeses. From drinks to exclude alcohol-based drinks, strong tea and natural coffee. From sweets - cakes, pies, candy , chocolate.

In acute gout in the feet is recommended diet, suggesting the use of liquid food: meatless vegetable soup, stewed fruit, cottage cheese, cereals.

Diet for gout during the exacerbation
Permission is granted to use dairy products. Note that the need to cook food using a minimum amount of oil and salt.

Purine diet for gout based on a vegetarian diet, according to which you can include in your diet soups, vegetables, salads, fruits and vegetables . Be sure to eat the bread, berries and nuts.

When the disease will retreat, you can vary the menu with the help of lean fish, eggs, lean meat. From sweets allowed marmalade, candy, marshmallows.

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