What can I eat at an ulcer?

What can I eat at an ulcer?

An ulcer is a chronic disease, which is characterized by problems with the mucosa. At the site of the lesion formed scar. In addition to the basic treatment, it is important to eat right, so it's important to know that you can have a duodenal ulcer and stomach. In addition to well-chosen products need to comply with the existing principles of nutrition.

What can I eat at an ulcer?

It is important to make the diet which should be sufficiently balanced calorie and so should be consumed per day 3000-3200 kcal. Eating recommended fractionally, ie at the table have to sit down every 3 hours., But portions should be small. Talking about what foods you can eat with a stomach ulcer , it is worth noting that you need to choose a gentle food, that is, it should not irritate the stomach. Dishes should be at room temperature. Food should not cause the secretion of gastric juice and not be too rough.

What can have an exacerbation of gastric ulcers:

  1. The bread should be white and it should be dried. You can also savory biscuits, rusks and biscuits.
  2. Eggs should be cooked soft-boiled or prepare them for a couple of scrambled eggs.
  3. Soups can be prepared in vegetable or chicken broth , and you can still milk and cereal soups.
  4. Because meat is recommended beef, veal and chicken, and prepare them is burgers, meatballs and a souffle.
  5. You can also use low-fat dairy products, cereals, pasta, lean fish and berries.

What to drink with a stomach ulcer?

It is important to maintain water balance and drink every day at least 1.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water. More is recommended to drink a decoction made from rose hips and oats. Permitted drinks are homemade fruit drinks and fruit drinks and juices, made from non-acidic vegetables and fruits.

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