Diet for Multiple Sclerosis

Diet for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis - a disease of the nervous system, in which the body's own immune system starts to destroy the white matter of nerve cells. Canadian scientist Ashton Embry was the first to examine the relationship between the development of the disease and the patient's nutrition. As a result, the light appeared diet for multiple sclerosis , which, though not able to cure the disease, but to slow the progression of disability and reduce the risk of death from this disease can do.

Embry Diet for Multiple Sclerosis

The idea of the power system is to avoid any products which resemble myelin proteins, attacked by the immune system. These products include:

  • milk. All, without exception - milk, cheese, cottage cheese, milk drinks, etc .;
  • cereals that contain gluten or gluten . These include wheat, rye, barley. But there are cereals in which gluten is not and there can be - is buckwheat, millet, rice, sorghum, weed amaranth, quinoa;
  • legumes - peas, beans, beans, soy, peanuts;
  • red meat - beef, lamb, pork. But the white meat can be eaten - chicken, turkey,
  • diet at such disease, multiple sclerosis, involves renunciation of sugar. But it can be replaced with honey and sweeteners such as stevia, or maple syrup.

When sclerosis of cerebral vessels diet does not prohibit the use of fish and seafood, butter, rye bread, vegetable oil, vegetables (except potatoes), vegetables, eggs, fruits and berries. In moderate amounts of alcohol is permitted. But if any of the recommended products previously noted allergies, they should be excluded from the diet. In any case, around should comply with the measure and is all that is possible, but within reasonable limits.

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