Postoperative diet

Postoperative diet

The postoperative period requires a special approach, the course of treatment to the patient, diet, specially designed for the restoration of his health.

It should be noted that diet after surgery in the human body includes a specially designed feeding system. So what foods are allowed or are contraindicated to the patient depends on the damaged organs. Do not rule out the possibility of individual menu. In this case, it is the treating physician.

Diet after surgery - the basic rules

Before turning to a more detailed consideration of the question of what should be a post-operative diet, it is important to remember the following recommendations:

  • after 12 hours following surgery to drink water only;
  • the first two days - this food in small portions over five times a day; It can be applied from a liquid herbal extracts, water, juices;
  • the main food in this period: porridge, cooked in water, pyureoobraznye soups, yogurt, without fat;
  • after surgery, as well as at the end of the period of possible complications, gradually switch to a diet called the medical table 1;
  • with regard to the rehabilitation period, should be deleted heavy products (mushrooms, lard, fish) and vegetables that cause flatulence;
  • as the basis of any postoperative diet to use light soups, milk porridge, dairy products;
  • it is important to consult with your doctor as to whether, in what form should eat fruits and vegetables;
  • contraindicated: canned food, coffee, chocolate, meats, alcohol, confectionery, cocoa.

Zero diet after surgery

This type of diet doctor prescribes in the case of operations on the intestine or stomach, disorders of blood circulation in the brain, the appearance of fever.

It involves taking gelatinous or liquid food. Permission reception jelly, fresh, light soups, tea with a little sugar. It is strictly forbidden milk and heavy products.

Diet lasts more than 2 days.

Postoperative diet

Besshlakovaya diet after surgery

Such a diet is assigned to those who had surgery anal fissure, hemorrhoids, prostate adenoma. The diet excludes beans, cabbage, radish, milk, apples , gooseberries, rye bread, spicy greens. Allowed porridge of buckwheat and millet, chicken, white bread.

Protein diet after surgery

11 or protein diet is recommended for those who underwent surgery on the heart. The postoperative period is recommended to consume 150 grams of protein per day, about 4000 kcal and less than 400 g carbohydrate, 100 g fat.

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