Diet for gout - a rough menu

Diet for gout - a rough menu

Nutrition for Gout menu requires fairly strict, but this does not preclude its diversity. As a rule, in this case, doctors advise proven diet №6 by Pevzner . It comprises 90 g fat, 450 g carbohydrates and necessarily - low protein content (less than 80 g per day). Limited to 10 g per day in the amount of salt. Power, as with other diseases, it is recommended fractional - 4-5 times a day.

Restricted menu components for patients with gout

It is important to completely eliminate from the patient such components menu, which can cause deterioration. Their list includes:

  • sausage and smoked any;
  • Any organ meats, beef, game meat;
  • sharp cheeses;
  • broths, except vegetable;
  • fatty fish, including herring, all canned food, canned meat;
  • beans in all forms;
  • raspberries, figs and cranberries;
  • spinach, sorrel, salad greens and rhubarb;
  • horseradish, mustard, black pepper;
  • natural (boiled) coffee, any cocoa, strong tea.

Create a full menu of food for gout, taking into account all of these rules, quite simply, because the list of absolute prohibitions included a relatively small number of products.

Fixed components of the diet menu for gout

The diet of the patient can safely include the following dishes and products - they will not do harm, and may form the basis of supply:

  • any bread;
  • vegetable oils;
  • 1 egg a day;
  • Soup - the soup, soup, pickle, milk and any vegetarian except for legumes;
  • milk and all dairy products and dishes are butter;
  • not more than 2 times per week - lean meat (rabbit, chicken) and fish;
  • fresh and cooked vegetables, fruits, berries, parsley and dill;
  • porridge and noodle dishes (limited);
  • tea with milk, alkaline mineral water, broth hips.

It is important not to forget about the limited use of salt - it is better to add ready-made meal and in very small quantities.

Menu for the week for gout

Consider an exemplary menu diet for gout, which takes into account all the features and allows you to eat at the same time varied and tasty.

1 day

  • Breakfast - boiled egg, cucumber salad, cake and tea with milk;
  • lunch - fruit salad, tea;
  • Lunch - soup, a portion of salad, bread, juice.
  • afternoon snack - fruit compote with toast;
  • dinner - steamed vegetables, juice.

day 2

  • Breakfast - cereal with fruit, tea with milk;
  • lunch - lapshevnik, compote;
  • Lunch - vegetable stew, salad with chicken breast, tea;
  • snack - yogurt, cheese sandwich;
  • dinner - rabbit, rice with vegetables, fruit juice.

day 3

  • Breakfast - dairy noodles and tea.
  • lunch - fruit puree, juice.
  • lunch - a hearty salad with chicken, soup, fruit compote.
  • afternoon snack - a glass of sour milk, cottage cheese .
  • Dinner - mixed vegetables, baked with cheese and tea.

day 4

  • breakfast - rice porridge with raisins and dried apricots, juice.
  • lunch - tea and sandwiches with cheese and butter.
  • Lunch - a light vegetable salad, chicken and buckwheat with vegetables, juice.
  • snack - cheese with herbs, a cup of yogurt.
  • dinner - an omelette with potatoes and vegetables, tea.

day 5

  • Breakfast - porridge oats with nuts and tea.
  • lunch - baked apple juice.
  • Lunch - pickle, a portion of a light salad, fruit drink.
  • afternoon tea - curd pudding with fruit, fermented baked milk.
  • dinner - braised chicken with zucchini, juice.

day 6

  • breakfast - cottage cheese with fruit, tea and a cheese sandwich.
  • lunch - yogurt with cinnamon, marshmallow.
  • Lunch - buckwheat with vegetables in pots, juice, cabbage salad.
  • Diet for gout - a rough menu
  • afternoon snack - fruit salad with yogurt.
  • dinner - baked potato with cheese and tea.

day 7

  • Breakfast - buckwheat porridge with carrots and onions and tea.
  • lunch - rice pudding with fruit, juice.
  • lunch - milk soup, vegetable salad, fruit drink.
  • snack - cottage cheese with raisins, tea.
  • dinner - risotto with chicken, tomato salad, compote.

Using a rough menu for gout, you can similarly make for yourself a diet that will have your taste. The main thing to avoid the list of banned products, and include the maximum of fruit, vegetables and produce lactic acid.

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