Diet "table 4"

Diet "table 4"

In the last century Pevzner doctor invented a diet system that facilitates the state in various diseases. For example, a diet "table №4» is designed to help with the sharp aggravation of intestinal diseases that are accompanied by intense diarrhea. Since then, there was created a perfect system, and doctors recommend that patients powered by Pevzner to this day.

Features diet "table number 4"

Meals at the table of the fourth type is designed to reduce inflammation, eliminate the putrefaction in the intestine, normalize its functions and improve the performance of other organs of the digestive tract. Since it was designed to exacerbate, rather assumed strict framework - severely restricted carbohydrates (250 grams) and fat (70 g), but the percentage of protein in the diet is stored normal (90 g). It is assumed reduction in salt intake of 8-10 g, and an increase in water consumption - 1.5-2 l.

Eat rely 5-6 times a day in small portions. All food, so as not to irritate the gastrointestinal tract, should be liquid or semi-liquid, pureed, cooked with water or steamed, very warm (not cold or hot). Completely banned those products that enhance the processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the gut - they will be discussed below list.

Diet Menu "table №4»

Consider a sample diet one day as part of a diet by Pevzner, which will help in a few days to normalize the patient's condition:

  1. Breakfast: porridge on the water rubbed, cottage cheese casserole, tea.
  2. Second breakfast: a decoction of rose hips.
  3. Lunch: thin soup with semolina, mashed rice, steam cutlets, jelly ;
  4. Snack cocoa to water with a minimum of or no sugar.
  5. Dinner: buckwheat water mashed tea.
  6. At night: jelly.

This - not the only version of the diet. See the list of permitted and prohibited products, easy composition of the diet to your taste.

Permitted diet products "table 4" by Pevzner

Despite the rather strict limits, this diet still requires a varied diet, which will be a healing influence on the gastro-intestinal tract. So, consider the list of authorized recommended products and dishes:

  • soups defatted broth, mucous broths of cereals, with the addition of cereals, minced meat, meatballs and egg flakes;
  • delicate roasted breadcrumbs of premium bread;
  • lean beef, turkey, chicken, rabbit, lean fish - in the form of chops, meat, boiled meat souffl;
  • Fresh cottage cheese and cottage cheese souffl;
  • steam omelette or boiled eggs (1-2 per day, no more);
  • rice, oatmeal, buckwheat on the water;
  • vegetable broth, the broth;
  • pureed apples, jelly and jelly, cherry, quince, blueberries, dogwood, pear;
  • of sauces allowed only butter;
  • green tea, black coffee and cocoa in the water, broth hips, compotes and diluted juices (except juice from grapes, apricots, plums).

Of these products, you can create a lot of different menu options that enables you to eat even during severe exacerbation and severe condition. These same principles drawn up diet diet "table 4" for children.

Barring a medical diet "table №4»

In order to as soon as possible to eliminate the discomfort and improve the condition of the body, on a mandatory basis should be excluded from the diet of these components:

  • cereals, vegetable soups and soups with pasta;
  • all legumes ( beans , peas, lentils, etc.);
  • all meals;
  • milk soup or soup of broth;
  • caviar, canned, salted and smoked fish;
  • any pasta;
  • all kinds of vegetables;
    Diet "table 4"
  • all fatty meats, fish, poultry;
  • natural milk and dairy products except cheese;
  • natural fruits and berries;
  • honey, jam, compotes and other sweets;
  • any sauces and spices;
  • raw eggs, fried or boiled boiled;
  • millet, barley, barley porridge;
  • coffee with milk, cocoa, and any cold carbonated beverages;
  • any fat (excluding butter).

Using all the rules of the diet "table №4», you return quickly to normal life and regain their health.

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