Diet for pancreatitis - menu

Diet for pancreatitis - menu

Pancreas is responsible for two vital functions. First of all, this body is responsible for the lion's share of the production of digestive enzymes and digestion is not possible without their participation. Secondly, pancreas - a synthesizer insulin. Accordingly, with this function extinction occurs diabetes.

Pancreatitis - an inflammation of the pancreas, which occurs due to a failure in removing enzymes. Instead of sending them into the intestine, enzymes are activated, they remain inside the body, and begin to eat away at him inside.

In this case, there is intoxication - getting enzymes and particles Eroded body in the blood.

Diet difference in various forms of pancreatitis

diet menu pancreatitis depends on the form of the disease. The acute form shows, yet one-time attack, after which, with proper treatment, there is an opportunity to restore the function of the pancreas. Treatment begins with a "starvation" diet - the first days the patient does not eat anything. The patient is administered analgesics, drugs that block enzyme activity, salt solutions. Next, the patient is gradually moving to the menu 5P diet is widely used in acute pancreatitis.

Chronic pancreatitis means pancreas, albeit slowly (with careful treatment) but nevertheless is persistent to be degenerate.

Menu diet for chronic pancreatitis are much less severe than in the acute form. The disease is slow and sometimes imperceptible. The diet consists of restrictions on products that require strong secretion of enzymes for digestion. In fact, it's the same diet №5P, only with the addition of vitamin complexes and treatment of opportunistic diseases. Often pancreatitis occurs on the basis of gallstone disease, and more often, it contributes to diabetes.

There is another form of the disease - reactive pancreatitis. This form is often confused with acute. However, in acute pancreatitis, the attack is the result of the destruction of the pancreatic tissue, with hemorrhage and suppuration. A reactive pancreatitis - a narrowing of the pancreatic ducts, for several reasons - gastrointestinal disease, alcohol intake, overeating, prolonged stress . This leads to a partial tissue necrosis. Symptoms of this form are the taste of bile in his mouth, cutting pains, vomiting, belching.

Diet menu with reactive pancreatitis - the same as in other forms of the disease. The goal of the diet - to exclude products that contribute to the aggravation of the disease.


Therapeutic diet is issued for a month or more, because the pancreas is recovered long enough. We suggest you use the following menu diet for pancreatitis for the week:

The first meal - 7 options:

  • Oatmeal on the water, add the milk after readiness;
  • milky mashed rice porridge;
  • boiled fish, carrot puree;
  • meat patties with buckwheat;
  • boiled fish with mashed potatoes;
  • meat steam souffle with oatmeal;
  • boiled and then baked with pasta and cheese fish, carrot puree.

Second meal:

  • jelly of sweet fruit;
  • soup potato and carrots with croutons;
  • vegetable soup;
  • cheese calcined;
  • apple souffl;
  • carrot pudding with apples;
  • rice porridge milk.

Third meal:

  • meat meatballs with mashed potatoes;
  • omelet protein steam;
  • cheese calcined;
  • steam souffle meat with buckwheat;
  • roll steam fish;
  • boiled chicken with mashed potatoes;
  • omelet protein steam.

Fourth meal:

  • meat chops with rice steam;
  • oatmeal soup, steam fish souffle with mashed potatoes;
  • cottage cheese souffl;
  • meatballs, meat porridge;
  • vegetable soup;
  • fruit jelly;
  • omelet steam.

Fifth meal:

  • cheese calcined;
  • cottage cheese steam souffle;
  • meatballs with noodles, meat steam;
  • omelet protein steam;
  • boiled fish with mashed potatoes;
  • fruit jelly;
  • meat chops with carrot puree.
  • Diet for pancreatitis - menu

The sixth meal (alternate):

  • a cup of yogurt;
  • glass of yogurt.


  • weak tea;
  • compotes;
  • mineral water without gas.


  • 200 g of white bread;
  • 30 grams of sugar in dishes.

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