Diet for pancreatitis - recipes

Diet for pancreatitis - recipes

The pancreas has two secretory function - vnutresekretornuyu and exocrine. Endocrine function - a hormone secreted by the pancreas cell device for the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism. In particular, this release of insulin. Exocrine function involves the separation of enzymes into the intestine for digestive processes. This process involves atsioznye body cells. Inflammation of the pancreas, or pancreatitis is associated with impaired exocrine function - enzymes, activating, do not fall into the intestine and begin to corrode the very body of the parenchyma.

Since this disorder is mainly due to unbalanced nutrition is the main task - to get rid of the irritating factor, food, contributing to active fermentation.

Menus and recipes for a diet for pancreatitis should be discussed with your doctor, because the food itself must comply with the form and stage of disease.

diet Rules

Pancreatitis applied medical diet recipes 5. However, the first two days of treatment, the patient goes through starvation diet - only water, mineral and alkaline with 200 ml 6 times per day. In severe cases (preoperative or postoperative period) the patient is not allowed and drink. All the necessary nutrients are administered in the form of solutions intravenously. Further appointed strict diet 5-P for a week.

Recipes for dishes diet for pancreatitis are made with the following requirements:

  • limit easily digestible carbohydrates;
  • moderately limit fat and salt;
  • restrict food, contributing to the secretory function of the pancreas;
  • increase the content of protein to regenerate the patient's body;
  • eliminate consumption of foods that contribute to flatulence, agitation gallbladder.

As we already mentioned, health food depends on the form of the disease. All recipes for the diet in chronic pancreatitis require maximum grinding products - grinding, pyurirovanie, grinding. At the same time, during the first acute pancreatitis prescribed fasting , then the whole week food pureed porridge and soups mucous, and then gradually extend the diet.

The correct choice of recipes for a diet for pancreatitis helps minimize symptoms and organ regeneration. Relapse can be avoided, and continue to monitor their diet, do not drink alcohol.

Food for the patient should provide chemical and mechanical rest of the digestive system. Chemical - means that the food consumed not activate fermentation. Mechanical - the use of food in powdered form, once again, to facilitate the digestion of food, so that the pancreas does not have to develop their own enzymes.


Pumpkin porridge


  • Pumpkin peeled - 200 g;
  • semolina - 25 g;
  • butter - 15 g;
  • sugar - 10 g


The flesh of pumpkin cut into cubes, put in a saucepan, cover with water. Bring to a boil and add the semolina. Cook for 20 minutes, then drain and mash with a fork. Add sugar, butter, and a little fusion of broth.

Milk soup with meat sauce


  • rice - 20 g;
  • beef - 60 g;
  • egg yolks - 3 g;
  • milk - 100 g;
  • butter - 5 g;
  • water - 300 g;
  • salt - 1 Year


Beef cook.

Cooked meat without tendons mince with a common grid and rub through a sieve.

Rice put in boiling water and cook for 3-4 hours, then

Diet for pancreatitis - recipes

The resulting slimy congee mixed with meat sauce, bring to a boil, add salt.

The soup is cooled to 70 degrees, tuck lezone (egg-milk mixture).

Preparation lezone: egg yolks diluted with hot milk (about 70 degrees), stir and cook until thick water bath. Lezone added to the soup at 70 degrees and more soup boil.

Serve in a bowl of soup to put the butter.

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