Diet to Lower Cholesterol

Diet to Lower Cholesterol

You probably heard about the "bad" and "good" cholesterol. And as one of them is "good", you introduce confusion into abuse in relation to cholesterol and recommendations it urgently reduced. Why, if it happens, and good?

The fact that there is cholesterol which we consume a meal (food), and has a serum, which produces the organism. LDL and HDL cholesterol - is bad and good, respectively. Both serum and produced by the body in accordance with what you eat, and what it gets. Based on the foregoing, it is evident the fact that a diet for lowering cholesterol (bad!) Must stimulate our body to the formation of HDL and lower LDL.

cholesterol Functions

Good cholesterol - high-density lipoprotein, is committed to building the nerve cells, "clean" vessels from his twin brother, synthesizes hormones and is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses.

Bad - low density lipoproteins, vessels scores than narrows the lumen for blood flow, thus causing a heart attack, angina, clots.



Eating to lower cholesterol should contain a minimum of saturated fats, as they are the first criterion for determining LDL growth. This means that when possible it is necessary to replace meat with fish and lean poultry, do not overdo it with butter and refined vegetable oil. At the same time, increase the consumption of olive oil, and more correct to say, to replace other fats with olive oil, because it contains unsaturated fats that are "clean" the body of bad cholesterol.


Regarding eggs controversy last for decades, if not centuries. Yes yolk contains many dietary cholesterol - 275 mg for a daily dose of 300 mg. However afford 3 eggs a week can with a clear conscience each. If you want more often, it is possible to bypass diet to lower cholesterol: cook omelettes of 1 egg yolk and 2 - 3 protein.


Legumes, oats and maize - the best friends of those who are in search of a cholesterol-lowering products. They consist of pectin - a soluble fiber, which also takes cholesterol, as well as olive oil.

Half cup of oats per day - not much, but enough to lower LDL.


The best fruit to lower cholesterol - a grapefruit. Doctors recommend 2.5 cups of grapefruit slices a day, which, in their opinion, will lower cholesterol by 8% in a few weeks. Do not neglect these eight percent - lowering cholesterol by 2% significantly reduces the risk of heart attack.

The weight

Doctors have long noticed an obvious pattern: the higher the weight, the more cholesterol the body produces. Accordingly, in order to lower its rate, it is necessary to take their excess weight. Follow a low-calorie diet from fat focus on olive oil, eat more fruit (by the way, beat off appetite grapefruit) and crude fiber, which creates a feeling of saturation. All of these actions necessarily bring effect, especially if you combine them with physical activities.

Total pound of excess weight increases the rate of cholesterol in the two orders.

Diet to Lower Cholesterol
The ratio of products in the menu

In order to supply products to reduce cholesterol have worked and led to the desired effect, they still must be combined correctly. We will not tell you about the "pyramid" of power, just remember that 2/3 of the menu should consist of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and only account for 1/3 of meat and dairy products.

And, finally: cholesterol increases the bad habits (excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, smoking), and stress, which, in some way, is also a habit. Therefore, first of all, find a way to relax.

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