cholesterol-lowering diet

cholesterol-lowering diet

Cholesterol-lowering diet is relevant for many people who still do not even realize. The fact that such type of power supply can reduce harmful cholesterol in blood and at the same time help prevent various abuses which inevitably lead to serious diseases such as such as atherosclerosis. The standard cholesterol-lowering diet will maintain normal blood vessels, but other than that will result in the rate of lipid metabolism in the body.

Cholesterol-lowering diet: the basics

There are only a few rules that will help you maintain your health for years to come. It is no secret that many diseases are caused by poor eating habits, which means in your power to prevent them in such a simple way, how to diet. So what are the principles of nutrition given cholesterol-lowering effect?

  • significantly reduce fat intake: the rejection of fat meat, sausages, canned food, fried foods and fast food;
  • reduce the consumption even of saturated fatty acids - they are rich in eggs, cream, butter and animal fats;
  • daily eat foods that are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids: lean fish, poultry, liquid vegetable oils and seafood;
  • eat normal fat - 35 grams per day: it can be obtained from all the fruits, vegetables and raw grains (bran bread, brown rice, buckwheat and oatmeal);
  • discard the butter in favor of the plant;
  • cut in the diet of all foods rich in cholesterol;
  • salt should be limited to 5 grams a day - cook food and unsalted dosalivat already on the plate, to avoid pickles, pickles and canned food;
  • It is strictly prohibited: soups on meat or mushrooms, any kind Smoked meats, banned bean, radish and radish, as well as pastry.

This simple diet gives excellent cholesterol-lowering effect and, moreover, allows to successfully monitor the weight, because it makes reducing the consumption of fatty foods and simple carbohydrates. If you already have some health problems, while you practice the wrong food, you risk not only their health, but also overall health.

Cholesterol-lowering diet: the nuances

Sometimes right and wrong food differs in the details. Consider the small nuances that should be taken into account:

  • White bread is bad for you, but the bran, whole grain or flour of the second grade is fine;
  • raduyte themselves vegetarian soups - on vegetables, fruit, cook beetroot, cabbage;
  • you will approach the lean meats, fish and poultry - boiled or baked;
  • boiled milk drink only, and all the low-fat dairy products select 0 and 1%, kefir, yogurt 2.5%, 2%, etc. curd Sour cream is better to replace the natural yogurt with no additives;
  • every day you can eat omelet steam from one egg or two proteins;
  • cook porridge and pasta only on the water;
  • cholesterol-lowering diet
  • any vegetables other than fried, should be on your table every day, as well as fruits and berries;
  • drinking is weak tea and coffee, fruit, juice, diluted with water.

If you eat small meals at approximately the same time and then de 5-6 times a day, drink plenty of fluids and give up fatty foods, you'll not only save yourself from the harmful effect of cholesterol, but in general significantly improve your health . In addition, such a diet leads to weight (if an excess amount) normalization, thereby reducing the load on the heart and improve the overall organism. The main thing is not to leave the diet halfway at the first improvements, and stick to it consistently.

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