Diet for mastitis

Diet for mastitis

Mastopatia is a disease associated with benign tumors in the chest, and with all its harmlessness increases the risk of developing breast cancer. That is why the power when mastitis is an essential element, allowing to strengthen the validity of the remaining measures and help the body to cope, not leading to more serious consequences.

Diet for mastitis: a list of prohibitions

Diet for diffuse and fibrocystic breast is a single power supply system, which is to adhere to, even if you just go into the development of the risk of such diseases. Consider, first of all, what should be deleted from the diet:

  1. The first rule - reducing fat intake, especially of animal origin. Now bacon, steaks, lamb, pork, all fast food, salami, sausages, deli meats, and fat poultry and fish is not for you.
  2. The second rule - reduction of total caloric intake. Refuse from fried foods and any other which contains a lot of fats and sugars (all desserts, pastries, cakes, sweets).
  3. Limit your menu to all canned food (including vegetables, not only meat and fish).
  4. Limit salt to 8-10g per day.
  5. Avoid alcohol. Permissible to occasionally drink a couple of glasses of high quality, natural wine.

As you can see, a diet with mastitis does not forbid you to wholesome, nutritious foods - it forces you to give up on harmful that provokes a lot of diseases.

Diet for mastitis: recommended products

Nutrition for fibrocystic breast, as in other species, will significantly improve your overall health. However, in order to give it the therapeutic effect, it is necessary to focus on the following recommendations:

  1. Enrich your diet with vitamins C, A, E and complex B. They can be obtained from veal, liver, kidneys, seafood, hard cheeses and dairy products.
    Diet for mastitis
  2. Now it is important for you to maintain the right amount of iodine in the body, for that eat sea cabbage, kefir, yogurt, quail and chicken eggs.
  3. The lack of fat is vegetable fat to compensate - perfect avocado, flaxseed, olive oil.
  4. Enrich fiber body: winter suitable pharmacy, and in the summer - fruits and vegetables. Year-round natural source - whole grains and their products (bread, cereal).

The diet for cystic mastitis, it is worth adding herbal teas, which will advise the attending physician based on your co-morbidities.

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