Dining with osteochondrosis

Dining with osteochondrosis

Many people who do not engage in complex treatment, it is believed that a diet with osteochondrosis is not necessary - or even think about it not. It is very easy to explain, because many believe that power can only affect the health of the digestive organs, or its weight. However, nutritional therapy in osteochondrosis can easily cope with the manifestations of the disease and not aggravate it. This is the same measure as physiotherapy and other treatments.

Proper nutrition in osteochondrosis: Fundamentals

So, after you have agreed with the idea that low back pain requires a diet, you can go to its detail. It is quite simple and does not require strict limitations as a weight loss diet.

The most important thing in this matter - the correct dosage. It is necessary to calculate how much should be your weight in your growth and ensure that it is fit in the frame. From this you will know what your calorie needs and can effectively cover the energy consumption of your body is not tormented by hunger and overeating.

It is very important in nutrition with cervical osteochondrosis and any other limit salt and sugar. Food is very little salt - you get used to it gradually, and instead of sugar worth taking honey or jam (boiled sugar is not so bad). The list of restrictions will and loved by many coffee that washes potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium from the body, why may be other problems with the systems of the body. In order not to give up coffee, you can replace it with chicory or take vitamin complexes, which will recover entrained matter.

Nutrition for osteochondrosis: diet

When osteochondrosis have easier to those who live in warm regions with abundant vegetation. After all, in the fruit and vegetables is to build your diet, as these products make it possible to maintain the body full of vitamins and minerals. Whenever possible, eat salads with cucumbers and tomatoes, cabbage, beets, radishes and carrots. Ideal to eat these salads at least twice a day, using a refueling unrefined oil, mixed with lemon juice.

However, the most important thing that is required from the power supply at the lumbar, cervical osteochondrosis, or any other, so it's proteins. We need to get them out of meat, poultry, fish, cottage cheese, cheese, milk, buckwheat, beans, mushrooms, beans and peas. These products must be present in your diet for 2-3 servings each day, and balanced with fruits and vegetables. In fact, it is the proper nutrition, it is only with a focus on proteins and plant food.

Vitamin diet with cervical osteochondrosis

We must not forget that in the struggle with osteochondrosis need to further enrich

Dining with osteochondrosis
food with vitamins and minerals. First of all, they include manganese, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, set B, and C, D.

Of course, you can simply take an artificially synthesized vitamins, but they are worse than digested and do not bring much benefit. Simply make your diet from foods that have a lot of good: fresh meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, dairy products, vegetables, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. The best way to start and finish your day with a protein servings: for breakfast it can be cottage cheese or eggs, and for dinner - a portion of fish and vegetables or, alternatively, buckwheat milk soup.

Rid your diet of bad flour products, sweets and excess salt, you will soon start to feel much better, because with the help of proper nutrition can not only reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, but also at the same time to put in order the whole body.

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