Diet for Thyroid Disease

Diet for Thyroid Disease

Diet for thyroid disease is necessary because it allows the body to function properly, even when suffering from such an important body. In this difficult task will help you a list of foods high in iodine, which now must be the basis of your power system. Diet for thyroid allows these groups of products:

  1. Seafood - squid, seaweed, sea fish (besides and cod liver oil).
  2. Protein foods - meats, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, eggs.
  3. Vegetables - cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant, potatoes, garlic, radish, lettuce, beets, carrots, spinach, onions.
  4. Fruits - especially persimmons, prunes, currants, dates, black chokeberry, apple, cherry.
  5. Groats - buckwheat and millet.

Composing your diet in the disease of the thyroid gland of these food groups, you will not harm the body.

Diet for thyroid diseases: bans

In order to effectively maintain their health, diet for thyroid should eliminate such harmful products:

  • foods high in sugar - cakes, sweets, cakes, jellies, juices;
  • peeled bran products - cereals, white rice, all the products made with white flour, including white bread;
  • Diet for Thyroid Disease
  • fatty meats and smoked meat products with chemicals - sausages, dried pork, etc .;
  • any condiments, spices, sauces and marinades;
  • overly salty food and salt at all;
  • coffee, tea and alcohol, especially strong;
  • all kinds of canned food;
  • margarines.

Thus in a simple way, you not only get close to the nutrition, but also allow your body to work quietly, without undue stress, and restore diseased organs is much more effective than when you put them blow after blow. Get used to this kind of diet should be gradual.

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