Power stroke

Power stroke

Even if you or someone in your family is at risk, the power stroke will allow you to minimize the risk of problems. The main thing to remember once and for all, now fat and simple carbohydrates are strictly prohibited, because they contribute to the pollution of our vessels from the inside. It is such a food can be considered as the causes and hypertension, and various types of stroke.

Diet in stroke: an overview

Stroke - a disease in which there is a disturbance of blood supply of such an essential element of the body, like the brain. After all, due to lack of blood, which carries and food, and oxygen all the tissues die. The plot of the brain are affected by this, it ceases to manage the processes that led, and the whole structure dies. This is a very serious disease, and in your power to do everything possible to minimize the risks.

Meals after ischemic stroke is completely similar to the power supply with other types. Despite the fact that the causes of this disease may be different, post-stroke diet is always the same.

First of all, you need to understand for themselves the most important principles. Power stroke patients involves life implementation of such recommendations:

  • split meals (you must eat often, 5-6 times a day, small portions);
  • body weight should be kept within the normal range with your age, height and weight (to calculate the rate you can with the help of a calculator body parameters, which offer many free sites);
  • daily diet in calories in any case should not exceed 2500 kcal border;
  • it is important to be equipped with fiber diet - even highlighted and purchased in a pharmacy, even natural - in the raw grains and vegetables;
  • menu should be balanced in terms of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and fats are recommended only vegetable.

brain stroke requires proper, regular and equitable supply. It is important to stick to the system and on vacation, and holidays, and in all situations - because of this health depends directly.

Diet for stroke prevention: the forbidden list

Ideally, you need time and to exclude from the diet the following dishes for all, which do not fit into the framework is essential in the diet of stroke:

  • flour products made with white flour (bread, muffins, pastries, etc.);
  • fatty and fried foods;
  • Smoked and salted;
  • sweets (of any kind);
  • salt.

Many are unable to completely abandon the salt, but adding it to food more than 2-4g per day are not recommended. Compose your menu so that it does not require salts - such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products.

Power stroke patients

Of course, there is a more or less clear outline of what should be included in the meals during the stroke. It is important to refer to this list very seriously and try to fall in love with all members of his products, because they were here for a reason, and for the good health:

  • vegetables (especially cabbage, beets, spinach), fruit and berries (blueberries, cranberries);
  • cereals (water, fat-free);
  • seafood (prawns, squid, mussels, etc.);
  • Power stroke
  • fish (including enough fat, but rarely);
  • lean meats and poultry (limited);
  • low-fat dairy products (with a fat content of up to 5%);
  • vegetable oils (unrefined better olive, linseed, etc.);
  • butter (a small amount of 2-3 times per week maximum).

This food does not cause a stroke, and allows for many years to live with this disease. No need to take this as a diet, because here too there is no strict limits. Love this food, and the food will delight you.

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