Diet for Hepatitis C

Diet for Hepatitis C

Diet for hepatitis C - this is not the kind of thing that can make or ignored at will. Due to the fact that this form of the disease makes liver cells completely defenseless, it is important to eliminate the burden on the liver as much as possible - only in this case you will be relatively easy to carry disease. It is no secret that this form of the disease - the most difficult and, therefore, it is important not only to know what diet is necessary for hepatitis C, but also to follow all its rules.

Diet for patients with hepatitis C

If you have hepatitis C, diet №5 - this is what you need. It is this version is able to not only maintain your status, but also to improve it: to reduce the pain in his right side, facilitated a constant feeling of tiredness and lack of energy.

So, the full diet for hepatitis C resolves the following foods:

  • milk and all dairy products (cheese and so altogether is to eat every day);
  • lean meat and fish varieties, ideally - boiled;
  • cereal with milk cereal wholemeal origin - brown rice, buckwheat or oats;
  • porridge with pumpkin;
  • fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • all kinds of vegetable dishes: soups, stews, salads;
  • fresh juice of any vegetables, fruits and berries;
  • seeds and nuts;
  • green and herbal teas.

If in the normal state, you can add something to this list, it's diet in acute hepatitis involves severe restrictions and meals only these products. Moreover, in this case, it will have to eliminate virtually all the salt and the maximum to reduce the number of fat consumed.

Fractional should eat better - at the same time 5-6 times a day in small portions. Diet after hepatitis, though, and will include a greater variety of products, still requires the observance of this regime, which is considered the most useful for human beings.

A diet for chronic hepatitis suggests a softer option, which may include some additions. But if you have this disease in any of its manifestations, is to forget about the following products that you are prohibited:

  • fatty fish varieties (mackerel, salmon, etc.);
  • fatty meats (especially pork);
  • Any broths of meat and fish;
  • salted or pickled workpiece;
  • smoked products;
  • salty fish;
  • all kinds of spicy food;
  • Any canned foods;
  • all the spices;
  • any type cooking oils;
  • sweets, pastries;
  • strong coffee or tea, sweet carbonated water, any alcohol.

Under these rules, of course, food and drinks will be your biggest challenge. Therefore, the best option is to cook at home, and taking food to work in the container. Derogation from these rules, you can aggravate their condition, so it is once and for all to choose a healthy way.

Diets with other types of hepatitis

It is worth noting that virtually all types of hepatitis the list of permitted and prohibited products remains the same, that you have already had the opportunity to see above. Let us examine some of the differences between diets in different types of hepatitis:

  1. Diet toxic hepatitis. To the list of authorized products added rabbit meat and chicken without the skin. In addition, it is recommended once a week stably conduct discharge day, during which you need to eat only vegetables and fruit.
    Diet for Hepatitis C
  2. Alcoholic hepatitis: diet. The first measure - the rejection of alcohol in all its manifestations, in any form. In addition, should stick to the diet, in which the emphasis is placed on the use of protein foods and vegetables, and cooked everything should be fat-free. Fats and simple carbohydrates are severely restricted.
  3. Diet for drug-induced hepatitis. In this case, must meet the same diet №5, described above, and above all - to minimize the fats in the diet.

Hepatitis B is treatable - but only if compliance with these rules.

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