Diet for giardiasis

Diet for giardiasis

Giardiasis - a disease that is caused by the protozoan Giardia, parasitic in the small intestine or gallbladder. The successful development of Giardia need a certain environment. The reasons include giardiasis in children the habit to keep his fingers in his mouth, and we may use to catch food that has been contaminated with Giardia. Diet for giardiasis should be protected from contact with the body of products such as fast carbs.

The main source of giardiasis is a sick person, but also know that in the body of cats, dogs, rodents and parasites giardia. Quite often, the cysts of Giardia can be found in chlorinated water from the tap, as well as in contaminated waters. It is enough to swallow only ten cysts, while having a reduced level of acidity of gastric juice, and you will quickly be infected with Giardia.

Diet in the treatment of giardiasis

Giardiasis diet can significantly reduce the amount of Giardia in the body or even to release them from the body. First of all, in the diet should not be present baking, confectionery, sweets, sodas. The menu Giardiasis should not make the sausage, pates, whole milk, flavored foods, severe food and pickled.

We also learned that giardia can not live in an acidic environment, so it is good to use during illness acidic food and drinks. It is best to eat acid batteries for half an hour before the main meal.

Which diet is best when giardiasis?

In total, the duration of the diet for intestinal giardiasis is three to four months. Foods that are allowed to use, stewed, boiled and steamed. The daily diet should include at disease sour grapes,

Diet for giardiasis
vegetables and fruits, fruit juices, dairy products (as a savory cheese and yogurt), lean porridge and lean meat and fish.

Prophylaxis of giardiasis

To prevent the disease is necessary to use only filtered or boiled water. It should also be systematically organized in a closed children's groups to conduct a survey of staff and children at least twice a year. If Giardia have been identified, it is necessary to sanitize all family members, without exception. If there are animals in the house, then at least once a year should be carried anthelmintic treatment.

It is important also to observe good personal hygiene and carefully wash fruits and vegetables before eating them.

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