hypertension diet

hypertension diet

For those who suffer from hypertension, proper diet is very important. Diet for Hypertension helps lower blood pressure to within acceptable limits. If hypertension is accompanied by obesity and elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood, the diet for patients with hypertension will help to normalize, not only blood pressure but also stabilizes your weight. Dietitians suggest that every extra kilogram of weight contributes to the pressure of 1 mm Hg

For a diet for hypertension, recipes, as well as a daily menu can be composed to your taste. Important to reduce calorie intake, and not to use, or to restrict the consumption of foods that increase blood pressure and weight gain. You also can not eat foods that increase blood cholesterol levels.

What you need to know about nutrition in the diet for hypertension?

If you strictly adhere to proper nutrition, it can normalize blood pressure without medication. To do this, there are ten rules that must be followed to patients with hypertension:

  1. Eat fresh raw vegetables and fruits. From fruits are allowed to eat apples, bananas, citrus fruits and various berries. Vegetables can be eaten raw or in the form of salads and salads.
  2. Reduce salt intake (3-5 g), and the limit in the diet smoked, canned, salinity and other salt-containing products. Salts tend to raise blood pressure to retain water in the body, and enhance appetite. Do not forget that the use of flavoring spices stimulates the appetite, which can lead to overeating.
  3. Eliminate from your diet of fried foods, as fats, which have been frying process, lead to the postponement of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels.
  4. Limit the use of tea, coffee, cocoa and other caffeinated beverages. Replace them with herbal teas, calming effect on the nervous system, for example, tea from the infusion of rose hips. It is also possible to drink fresh juice as fruit and vegetables.
  5. Add garlic to your diet. The menu dishes for hypertension dietary role of garlic should not be underestimated, it helps to clear blood vessels, and enhances immunity.
  6. Do not eat foods that are high in fat, such as bacon, pork, butter and fatty dairy products. Meat can eat chicken and dairy products only the minimum fat content. The fish try to eat no fat varieties, and not canned. Hard-boiled eggs should appear in your diet is not more than twice a week.
  7. Do not use refined products such as sugar and flour. Eating products made of flour, making sure that they are made from wheat flour.
  8. The number of meals should be at least 4-5 per day. You do not eat three times a day, but abundant. Divide the food so that it missed 5 times. In no case do not overeat.
    hypertension diet
  9. Avoid drinking alcohol. After drinking pulse quickens, and in healthy people and in patients with hypertension, a strong overload the cardiovascular system.
  10. If you smoke, give up smoking. Nicotine tends to raise blood pressure, and with it the heart rate, and destroy the cells of the blood vessels and arteries (especially coronary, which feed the heart).

During the diet for hypertension is necessary to reduce the caloric content of dietary dishes, but starvation and severe low-calorie diets are contraindicated.

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