The best diet for weight loss at 10 kg

The best diet for weight loss at 10 kg

It would be good to drink a miracle pill and lose weight. I would like to warn that the rapid weight loss for the week to 10 kg is hazardous to health, and thus to get rid of excess weight should be gradual, but sure. Only thus can count on getting a good result, which can be maintained in the future.

Effective weight loss diet for 10 kg

The optimal period for the disposal of such an impressive weight is considered to be one month, but it is important to note, that all depends on the initial figures on the scales. Specialists in nutrition assure that the best diet for weight loss at 10 kg, it is the one person he was, given their preferences, but based on the existing rules.

Weight Loss Basics:

  1. The daily menu should be based on a fractional power, that is, the table should sit 4-5 times a day, and in between meals must take place the same time. Better lunch not later than 10 hours, and dinner at least 3 hr. Before bedtime.
  2. For breakfast you should choose foods with a high content of useful carbohydrates and proteins and can be eaten. For dinner suit low-fat soup, fish, and salad. For dinner you can eat a serving of meat and vegetables. For a snack, you should choose some fruit such as an apple or an orange.
  3. Maintain the water balance and daily consume at least 1.5 liters of fluid.
  4. An effective diet for weight loss at 10 kg must necessarily be combined with physical activity. Choose for yourself any direction and exercise 3-4 times a week.
  5. Avoid junk food, in which a lot of calories. In particular this applies to fat and sweet. Sugar - the main enemy of a beautiful figure.

By following these rules, weight loss for the week of 10 kg is also possible, but only if the original scales show impressive figure, more than 100 kg.

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