Diet PP

Diet PP

Many people believe that good nutrition - it's just boiled meat without salt and steamed vegetables. In fact, proper nutrition menu is much more extensive and more interesting, and more - accustomed ourselves to abide by its principles, you will certainly be able to normalize and keep the desired weight.

PP as diet

Proper nutrition (pp) as a diet for weight loss - an effective method, and probably the only one that allows you to not only see the cherished figure in the balance, but also to keep it for many years.

The basic principles of good nutrition for weight loss are as follows:

  • sugar - rule;
  • all sweet, except for fruit - rule;
  • Any fatty, fried foods - rule;
  • all flour except grain bread - rule;
  • We finish dinner 3 hours before bedtime;
  • We eat about the same time;
  • get used to unsweetened drinks;
  • morning, we eat dense, and after dinner prefer light, low-fat foods;
  • do not forget to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day is best - before eating;
  • refuse smoked, pickled, products and semi-finished products;
  • We remember that every once sent into the mouth piece can inhibit weight loss process.

In practice, that and live without it is quite simple, but the weight is reduced at a rate of 1 kg per week.

Diet Menu PP

Consider the overall plan daily diet diet based on proper nutrition. Try to eat tasty and varied - that's the secret.

  1. Diet PP
  2. Breakfast - porridge or 2 eggs (of any kind) + tea without sugar.
  3. Lunch - any fruit.
  4. Lunch - a piece of low-fat soup with a piece of corn bread.
  5. Snack - a cup of yogurt 1%.
  6. Dinner - Meat / Poultry / Fish / seafood + vegetable garnish.

Drafted on the basis of a healthy diet diet can properly distribute the products throughout the day, to eliminate harmful products empty without bearing favor calories and lose weight easily without hunger.

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