New Dukan Diet "food ladder"

New Dukan Diet "food ladder"

The well-known nutritionist Pierre Ducane proposed a new interesting variant diet. She described in detail in his book "Ladder food: the second front." Seven days a week divided into certain steps. New products are included every day. In this article we consider in detail each of the stages.

New Dukan Diet "food ladder"

  1. Monday. This day is the most difficult, because you can only take protein products. Suitable lean meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, tofu, low-fat milk and other dairy products. This phase is called the "attack". Products must have no restrictions on the variety, but in moderation in quantity. There may be a feeling of dryness in the mouth - a sign of the beginning of the weight loss.
  2. Tuesday. For the above products need to add vegetables. This phase is called "cruise". It allowed the consumption of all vegetables, except avocadoes, beans, lentils, potatoes, olives, peas, beans, corn and olives.
  3. Wednesday. Now to your diet, you can add fruit. It is recommended not to eat fruit with a large presence of sugars, such as bananas, grapes, cherries, etc.
  4. Thursday. List updated with a few slices of wholemeal bread.
  5. Friday. Lasted until Friday can afford to eat a slice of cheese with 20% fat.
  6. Saturday. This day is a real treat for the people who have stood conditions. The diet with added products in the presence of the starch composition. These include beans, cereals, potatoes, pasta.
  7. Sunday. The list of the above products remain, but any intake of food is allowed to eat any kind of food. This may be the first, second, dessert, wine, etc. In a word, it is allowed to arrange a feast. It is important not to overdo it, and stick measures.

The phase of "consolidation and stabilization"

When the appropriate weight is reached, you must create the conditions for its preservation. The duration of the consolidation depends on the number of kilograms gone. For one kilogram of weight lost must be ten days.

Days consolidation should be divided into two parts. First to the product list, you can add one serving of food containing starch. Also permitted a feast - a favorite dish.

In the second part of the diet can include a sort of feast for two. As you can see, a diet enriched with carbohydrate foods. After that you should go to the next stage - stabilization. At this stage, there is a gradual return to the usual diet. Allowed to have all the products. But it is important to dedicate one day exclusively for protein products. This is necessary to maintain the weight at the previous level.

Additional rules Dukan Diet "food ladder"

  1. It should be every day to drink about two liters of water, which may include soups, teas and other beverages. It is important to drink and plain water.
  2. should be every day, take a walk at least twenty minutes (preferably a fast tempo) To maintain weight, preferably sixty. To diet "food ladder" is very important.
  3. New Dukan Diet "food ladder"
    It recommended as little as possible to use the elevator and escalator. When going up and down the stairs burns more calories.
  4. It is important to consume oat bran daily. At the stage of "attack" and "cruise" - 1.5 tbsp a day, "consolidation" - 2.5 tbsp per day, "stabilization" - 3.5. After the diet is also important to take 3 tbsp oat bran per day.

The best way not to gain the old weight again - to lead an active lifestyle. Then even carbohydrates will not have a major influence on body weight. A simple twenty-minute walk burns 100 g of chocolate eaten. To maintain lost weight, experts recommend to stick phase "stabilization" rest of his life.

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