Light diet for quick weight loss

Light diet for quick weight loss

Perhaps the dream of any girl - a bland diet for quick weight loss. However, it is always necessary to choose - or a diet light in terms of performance, but the weight loss is slow, or strict diet, but the kilos go away quickly.

Effectively light diet for quick weight loss?

It is necessary to pay special attention to, and yet another side: long-term results. After a quick diets, back to the old diet, you are at the same time with a probability of 80% and a return to the old weight. To avoid this, in the course of losing weight is to inculcate the habit of healthy eating , which will help in the future to maintain the result.

Traditional quick diets for weight loss - it is, as a rule, the diet on a single product (eg, yogurt, apples or buckwheat). Not only is this food reduces the metabolism and causes fat break down more slowly, and it still does not form healthy eating habits and skills to maintain weight. It is unlikely that someone will be decided for life eating only one product, and besides, it is harmful to the body - a person needs to get all the different vitamins and nutrients, and not only those that have, for example, in apples.

A new diet for quick weight loss

That is why as a quick diet can consider a more rigorous version of proper nutrition. Eat need 4-5 times a day, all sweet, flour, fat and fried prohibited in the diet can include only natural products (meat, not sausage, vegetables, not canned, etc.).

Easy and fast diet in practice

  1. Breakfast: any savory porridge without butter and milk or two boiled eggs, tea without sugar.
  2. Second breakfast: an apple or an orange.
  3. Lunch: a portion of the lung soup (without pasta), fresh vegetable salad.
  4. Snack: a glass of 1% kefir.
  5. Dinner: boiled or fresh vegetables and chicken breast,
    Light diet for quick weight loss
    lean beef or fish (steamed, boiled or baked without added fat).

Such a light diet for quick weight loss requires regular meals, preferably at the same time, with the dinner must be terminated within 3 hours before bedtime. Portions are average - nothing more than to go down one plate with a diameter of about 22 cm (vegetables should occupy at least half of the plate, they can be applied with a slide). Add other products, as well as sauces, bread , dessert - prohibited.

It is worth noting that this is - nourishing diet for weight loss, and hunger on it you will not have to chase. Especially if you like to drink 1.5 - 2 liters of clean water per day, which doctors recommend.

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