high protein diet

high protein diet

Protein products quite hearty. From the high-protein low-carb diet, you can lose weight without damaging muscle tissue. A large number of protein include: lean meat, fish, poultry, soy products, lentils, beans , nuts, eggs, dairy and dairy products.

Option menu of high-protein diets

High-protein diet lasts 14 days. And the second week of the diet is similar to the first week of the diet exactly the opposite. That is, the first day of the last week to repeat the last day of the first week of the menu, and the second day is necessary to repeat the diet of the sixth. High-protein diet includes excessive drinking of carbonated liquid. Supper can not later than three hours before bedtime.

  1. At breakfast the first day - a cup of coffee; lunch - cabbage salad and hard-boiled eggs; for dinner - fish fillet, baked or boiled.
  2. On the second day - coffee and crackers for breakfast; for dinner - filet baked or boiled fish; for dinner - non-fat yogurt, cucumber salad, boiled beef.
  3. On the third day breakfast - coffee and rusks; for lunch - apple and zucchini stew; for dinner - boiled beef, boiled egg, cabbage salad.
  4. On the fourth day breakfast - coffee; for lunch - cheese, boiled carrots and boiled egg; dinner can be sweet and sour fruit.
  5. The fifth day should start carrot salad with lemon juice; for lunch - tomato juice, chicken or fish; for supper - sweet and sour fruit.
  6. Have breakfast on the sixth day of coffee can; Lunch - poltushki chicken without skin; dinner - salad of carrots with butter, yogurt and eggs.
  7. Breakfast is the seventh day - black tea ; for lunch - boiled beef, sweet and sour fruit; for dinner - cucumber salad, low fat yogurt, boiled beef.

High-protein diet is appointed in the absence of tendency to thrombosis. Not indicated for dysbiosis, gout, pancreatitis and kidney disease.

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