The diet of the lunar calendar

The diet of the lunar calendar

It has long been proven by science, the moon, and specifically its phase, affect the psyche and the physical condition of the people. It is based on this, nutritionists, developing lunar calendars diets and beauty.

The diet of the lunar calendar

Moon diet is very popular today, because this weight loss method is quite effective. By following the recommendations of nutritionists, you can easily get rid of 6 or more kilos.

Thus, the phase of the waning moon should abandon the sweet and starchy foods, but to drink at this time should be as much as possible, because it is a liquid responds to normal metabolism in the body.

The new moon phase is introduced into your diet is protein foods. It can be lean meat or fish, and dairy products are useful, it is desirable to prepare meals for a couple or a cook.

The growing phase of the moon there is a risk to spoil her figure, because at this time increases the amusement of body weight. For this reason, a dish of vegetables and fruits should be consumed during the growing moon, it is advisable to eat them fresh. Also discard the salt, since it is known, holds water in the body.

In the full moon phase is to diversify your menu products enriched with fiber, such as oat or wheat cereal, beans, berries, and others. Also, nutritionists recommend at this time to eat dairy products, especially low-fat yogurt is beneficial.

When starting a diet on the lunar calendar?

Many nutritionists believe that the beginning of the diet Lunar phase should fall on new and full moon, because this is the best time to lose weight. It was during this period in the human body are evenly distributed trace elements and water, adjusted metabolic process that promotes effective weight loss.

If you start a diet during the waning moon, the process of getting rid of excess weight will pass quietly, without nervous breakdowns and physical exhaustion.

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