Atkins Diet - Menu

Atkins Diet - Menu

Today, Dr. Atkins' name is known all over the world, because back in 1972, he has developed a unique diet for weight loss. Diet has not lost popularity even when was discovered the fact that the doctor himself weighed 117 kg and had heart problems. The main thing is that his system has helped a lot of people. Menu protein Atkins diet is almost devoid of simple carbohydrates - sugary and starchy foods, and this is due to its efficiency.

How does the Atkins diet menu in its course?

It is no secret that the Atkins diet menu is not uniform, and suggests several changes that fit within four diet phases. We consider it more concretely:

1. Induction Phase - at least 14 days. That's how much time is required, so that the body was reconstructed and started to use the energy received not from carbohydrates and fat from the body. Phase rules are simple:

  • meals 3-5 times a day in small portions;
  • not more than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day (eg 1 apple of their past 15, and thus excluded all flour, nuts and seeds, sweet, fruit in particular);
  • portions should fit on a salad plate;
  • Avoid drinks with caffeine and aspartame;
  • every day is strictly drink 2 liters of water, divide the whole amount into smaller portions.

There are allowed all kinds of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, herbs, non-starchy vegetables. For vegetables, you can add a little vegetable oil.

2. Continuation phase weight loss requires continued follow already studied the laws of supply. In this phase, it is advisable to add physical activity, and according to them to make the diet a small amount of carbohydrates, but in any case not by the inclusion in the diet of sweets. Each week, add 5 grams of carbohydrates to the diet. It is necessary to maintain a food diary, so as not to get confused. The diet should be introduced:

  • dairy products, eggs;
  • cheese;
  • spinach and avocado;
  • some nuts.

This diet phase lasts as long as you do not stay only 2-4 kilos to your goal.

3. Phase transition to weight maintenance. Every week, add another 10 grams of carbohydrates in the daily diet. Enter products slowly so that the body did not feel stress. If you notice that some of the products and the weight begins to fluctuate sharply rise, discard them. If, instead of slimming weight began to grow, reduce the amount of carbohydrates per day. Add the following the following elements:

  • carrots, potatoes, beets;
  • beans, lentils;
  • fruit.

This phase is coming to an end only when you finally reach your desired weight.

4. weight maintenance phase. During all this time you have formed the habit of proper nutrition, and now hold the weight is very simple. It is important to never allow him to deviate by more than 1-2 kg of ideal. Do not add to the diet of unhealthy foods, stay on proper nutrition .

Finally, we consider the approximate menu Atkins diet, thanks to which it will be easier to navigate in the proposed system.

Atkins Diet - menu for the day

Consider the options menu of the day for each phase of the diet Atkins cycle.

Menu for the day for the 1st phase

  1. Breakfast - a salad of boiled chicken and chinese cabbage, tea.
  2. Lunch - Beef broth with chunks of meat and greens.
  3. Snack - grilled vegetables.
  4. Dinner - vegetable salad with baked fish.

Menu for the day for the 2nd phase

  1. Breakfast - scrambled eggs from two eggs, seaweed.
  2. Lunch - soup with spinach.
  3. Snack - a salad with avocado, cucumber and herbs.
  4. Dinner - boiled beef with steamed zucchini.

Menu for the day for the 3rd phase

  1. Breakfast - a portion of stewed beans with tomatoes.
    Atkins Diet - Menu
  2. Lunch - ear with greens.
  3. Afternoon snack - an apple.
  4. Dinner - turkey, baked with vegetables.

Menu for the day for the 4th phase

  1. Breakfast - a portion of porridge buckwheat, braised with carrots and onions.
  2. Lunch - chicken soup with greens.
  3. Snack - a portion of yogurt.
  4. Dinner - calamari with a side dish of broccoli.

Eat a varied and tasty menu and then the Atkins diet is not for you to be a burden. And this is - a guarantee, then you get to the end, and successfully lose weight!

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