Effective diet for a month

Effective diet for a month

Originally, the word "diet" - meant only specially installed power mode. That is not to lose weight, but just prescribed menu. We also believe that diet and weight loss - is the identity, inalienable and self-evident.

However, in order to look good, it is not necessary to eat half a grapefruit and leaf lettuce. Our body is very responsive to good, healthy food, so we recommend you to arrange a month-long healthy eating habits. Do you want to post hazards that actually interfere with the figure, see the following ...


To our diet for a month to be effective, it is necessary to stick to just a few rules:

  1. Keep a food diary - not for life, and only a month. Yes, it is tiring, but if you're in for a month will be able to record most of the eaten, you will have the unique opportunity to analyze the pros and cons of their diet .
  2. Color therapy - for body and soul. Menu of our effective diet for a month to be colored - try to present both on the plate at least three colors. At the same time, avoid white foods - often, they harm the figure (starch, flour, sugar, salt, fat). This approach will train you to eat varied.
  3. Replace - need to drink at least 1.5 liters per day. But starting to believe you may be confusing the need to drink another glass when you already hear the movement of water in the stomach. It is better to focus their attention on the "bad" water replacement "good". So, replace the soda water with lemon, in a cafe, order not cola, and fresh juices
    Effective diet for a month
    or cocktails with natural juices.
  4. Without restrictions. The most effective diet for a month - this is when you imagine anything not refuse, and at the same time happily lose weight. As soon as you enter restrictions, the body starts to mobilize and slows metabolism. To this end, it has the enzyme lipoprotein lipase, which protects your fat cells as soon as you sit on a starvation diet.
  5. Speeds up the metabolism. This is facilitated by useful protein products ( cottage cheese , cheese, whey), as well as seafood (seaweed, octopus, shrimp, clams, fish, etc.).

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