Simple and effective diet

Simple and effective diet

No matter how effective your weight loss may be the system, sooner or later you will experience a "plateau effect". This is the moment when the body receives a signal from the brain that careless tranzhirstvo stored fat is time to stop, it is necessary to mobilize the strength to survive the "hunger". "Plateau" comes to any diet, because the body is afraid to part with their savings, and you constantly remind him of the dangers of hunger in the stomach.

So, in order to "trick" yourself, you need to use a very simple and effective diet-based tissue .

diet principles

You reduce fat intake to 20 grams per day, and all of them should be polyunsaturated (olive oil, fish, seafood). In addition, you can stay on his previous diet, which is cracking because of the "plateau". Of course, you need to eat modestly, lowering the caloric content, and with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

This diet can be called simple, but very effective weight loss system because of the following factors - you eat in a day, 8 tablespoons fiber powder.

Cellulose - a kind of carbohydrates which are not digested by the body. It swells within us and provides a feeling of satiety (affecting the receptors that signal the brain sufficient stretching of the stomach), and also relieves constipation by pushing the stool.

Fiber is found in fruits and vegetables, but since even on a diet, we can not eat the amount of greenery that will save us all the way from hunger should take fiber pharmacy options.

Such a simple and effective diet for weight loss to last about a month. 4 times a day you take 2 tablespoons fat stirring or drinking it all natural liquid.

With this tool, you will get rid of hunger , but your brain will not block the process of burning fat, as on a conventional diet.

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