Menu diet for weight loss

Menu diet for weight loss

Americans are known to be champions of the invention diets, and the first country in the world for obesity. So, these wrestlers are overweight rating created the most proper diet for weight loss on the proposed menu - that is, the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In the three leaders entered menu known under many different names protein diet for weight loss. In this case, there is no name in mind a diet of a certain nutritionist, namely the combination of - a lot of protein, low in carbohydrates.

Benefits protein diet menu for weight loss

In this diet menu for weight loss has both supporters and opponents. First, I believe that this diet is the only valid way to lose weight without exhausting (most diets result in weight loss due to loss of muscle mass). But opponents of the appeal that the body is very difficult to deduce a number of products of protein breakdown.

Right and those and others. And the truth is - somewhere in the middle.

A clear advantage of the protein diet menu for weight loss is that after eating something protein, you do not want a long time for something to chew on. In addition, the protein digestion spent half the calories received from them - that is, in part, you have already fulfilled your lunch machine.

Menu useful weight loss diet

Thus, the basis of our diet - a protein. But to our diet menu was helpful for weight loss, you need to learn how to pick up the protein:

  • meat, poultry, fish - lean meats (do without pork and lamb), poultry (Only chicken and turkey), fish (exclude though useful, but oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel, etc.);
  • every 30 grams of meat can be replaced with 1 egg;
  • cheese (2.5%) - 50 g per cheese may optionally be replaced cheese (20% fat);
  • dairy products (2.5% fat).

Meat contains a lot of connective tissue - it should have for lunch. By-products (especially liver) contain large amounts of cholesterol, they should have no more than 1 time per week.

Meat, fish, poultry, bake and cook for a couple.

Menu diet for weight loss
Boiled meat loses a lot of vitamins, fried - absorbs fat.

Remember protein diet menu for weight loss it is necessary to combine with fitness or any other physical activity.

Sample menu for the day:

  • Breakfast - ricotta with berries;
  • lunch - protein smoothie with strawberries;
  • Lunch - seafood on the grill with vegetable salad;
  • snack - yogurt, bran and nuts;
  • Dinner - falafel with lettuce.

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