dairy-free diet

dairy-free diet

Any diet that excludes the consumption of dairy-free milk can be called. As a rule, it is suitable for people who are allergic to milk protein. If such problems are found in infants, the dairy-free diet for such a child should be observed up to three years, after which physicians can review the diet. Also, dairy-free diet is ideal for breastfeeding mothers, if the baby is found lactase deficiency.

Such a program of weight loss and prefer those who are simply struggling with excess weight, because with such a supply eliminates a large amount of fat, which is found in dairy products, which contributes effectively get rid of the hated kilograms. However, it is difficult to completely abandon milk, because most of the major products are composed of milk . Yet this familiar to us a drink can replace soy or almond milk.

Sample menu dairy-free diet


  • fried eggs with a variety of vegetables;
  • mashed banana and strawberry with soy milk;
  • tea, coffee or orange juice.


  • light soup of chicken breast, or lean fish;
  • spinach salad with tomatoes;
  • fresh peach or nectarine;
  • Tea with lemon.


  • fishcakes of pollock in bread
    dairy-free diet
    breadcrumbs with the addition of eggs;
  • baked potato;
  • green salad;
  • fresh fruit juice.

But as a snack, then the best option would be nuts, dried fruits , fresh vegetables and fruits.

Dairy-free diet for weight loss can last a week or two, this time is enough to get in shape. The longer sit on such a diet is not necessary, because the Milk is still a major source of calcium, and other valuable and useful elements for our body.

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