Proven diet

Proven diet

Each of us, of course, I would like to lose weight in the most effective, safest, most gentle diet. However, in the way of losing weight weight obstacles: rumors about the futility of diets are rumors that after the diet have amassed even more than before, and that some diets provoke the emergence and exacerbation of disease. For those who care about their health, of course, I would like to lose weight on a proven diet. It is their variety, we'll talk today.

Option 1. Buckwheat diet

First of all, consider the most banal version of weight loss - you are neither artichokes nor crabs, nor ginger - just buckwheat. Buckwheat diet has for many years successfully maintains its high ranking in the list of the most effective proven diets. Still, a week only buckwheat, then do not lose weight?

The essence of buckwheat diet - it is cleaning the intestines, the recovery of the whole organism after slagging and elimination of toxins. With this buckwheat, due to its composition, perfectly copes.

It consists of fiber and vitamins, and if you combine buckwheat and kefir diet - get a vitamin complex in addition to calcium and bifidobacteria.

So, our good and proven diet consists of the following menu:

On the day drink 1 liter of kefir 4-5 receptions, and eat plenty of buckwheat, but the last meal should be 4 hours before bedtime.

For the preparation of buckwheat groats pour boiling water, drain. Then again fill with boiling water and leave overnight. In the morning ready buckwheat and cook it is not necessary. The duration of the diet - from a week to two.

Option 2: The Japanese diet

The most proven and well-balanced diet can include the Japanese diet for weight loss. It is based on the minimization of carbohydrates, the ban on salt, sugar and alcohol.

The Japanese diet necessarily includes fish, and excludes the consumption of wheat products.

Japanese diet menu consists roughly of the following:

  • Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee without sugar;
  • Lunch: salad of boiled or stewed cabbage, 2 boiled eggs, a glass of tomato juice;
  • Dinner: 200 g of fish - boiled, baked or stewed.

During the Japanese diet, you can have any non-starchy vegetables, to fill them with vegetable oil, can eat boiled beef or chicken (without fat), and also has a savory fruit .

The duration of the Japanese diet - 13, 14 or 7 days.

During the diet is recommended to drink plenty of fluids are also welcome green tea consumption. On the "Japanese woman" can sit no more than 2-3 times a year, as the diet is sufficiently rigid.

Option 3: Diet Larisa Dolina

Perhaps the expression "proven", do you mean that you want to see alive and healthy man, who was indeed lost through this diet? Then why do not you experience the proven weight loss diet Larisa Dolina. Its foundation yogurt, but in addition to it, you can still have a lot why: cottage cheese, sour cream, potatoes in their jackets, etc.

So, the diet menu Larisa Dolina:

  • 1 day: liter of kefir and 200 grams of low fat cottage cheese;
  • Day 2: liter of kefir and 5 boiled potatoes in their skins;
  • Day 3: liter of kefir and 200 grams of low-fat sour cream;
  • Day 4: liter of yogurt and a choice - 1 kg of apples, 300 g of prunes or kg of carrots;
  • Day 5: liter of yogurt and kg of boiled chicken without skin and fat-free;
  • Proven diet
  • Day 6: 1 liter of yogurt;
  • Day 7: The output from the diet on mineral water - 1.5 liters.

And another option ...

If your mind is not adapted to diets and strict time constraints, you can just go and change your lifestyle and diet. In any case, it can only be 100% harmless to health. Eat balanced, but limit or even eliminate the sweet, flour, fried, smoked, semi-finished products and products containing artificial ingredients. Do it slowly, and then you will be much easier to get used to the new diet.

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