Diet American astronauts

Diet American astronauts

You know about the Kremlin diet? So, the diet of the American astronauts - is her middle name. The famous low-carb "Kremlevka" today almost does not need advertising, because it is one of the most popular weight loss systems available today.

Diet American astronauts: contraindications

Nutritionists agree on the opinion that the person needs absolutely all kinds of substances - and proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates, so the elimination or drastic reduction of one of them may be affected negatively. It is not recommended to lose weight on this system:

  • for people with heart and vascular diseases;
  • people with any disease of the stomach, liver and kidneys;
  • pregnant women.

It is believed that the American diet, even for 10-13 days can hurt these people. Do not experiment on themselves, and refer to other weight loss methods.

Diet astronauts

Diet American astronauts

This American diet to lose weight in the first place limits simple carbohydrates: whole flour, starchy and sweet - no exceptions.

The main diet consists of fish, meat and chicken dishes, coupled with fresh and cooked vegetables. Those products in which carbohydrates enough, you can eat practically unlimited, but it is better not to get involved in protein - it is fraught with constipation and other intestinal problems.

The essence of the diet is simple: due to lack of energy, which give the body carbohydrates, the body actively splits the fat, getting energy from them.

For convenience, all products are priced in points (note the table below). To lose weight, your daily diet should not be more than 40 points, and to maintain the result after it is received - from 40 to 60 points. If you eat more than 60 points a day - you will inevitably gain weight.

It is believed that it is possible to lose on this diet up to 5 kilos in a week, if strictly observe the regulations and to use up to 40 points per day.

Diet American astronauts

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