Metabolic diet

Metabolic diet

People who are already well versed in the maintenance and weight reduction, are well aware of how great the role of rapid metabolism. It is no secret that the metabolism slows down with age, making the food not consumed in the form of energy and is deposited as fat reserves. Speed up the metabolism in the body, you help the body better cope with their tasks. To help you in this matter, nutritionists have developed a metabolic diet that allows you to speed up the metabolism and affect the hormone levels: slow down the production of hormones responsible for fat accumulation, and stimulate the production of those that are responsible for fat burning.

Correcting metabolic disorder

Since accelerate the metabolism in the body may be by means of a special supply system, metabolic diet menu divides into three phases which are interleaved with each other:

First phase: the maximum fat burning (weight away as quickly as possible). The phase lasts 10-14 days, after which you will proceed to the second phase. This period is the most rigorous: it is possible to eat only foods with a score of 0 (the following is a list). By the daily diet is necessary to add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of olive oil and a multivitamin. Dinner takes place three hours before bedtime. If you feel weak, you have dark eyes or you are sweating excessively, drink sweet tea.

Second phase: sustainable fat loss (a balanced phase, it can be maintained indefinitely). There is no such strict restrictions as in the first phase, and can eat anything, but only on a temporary basis:

  • Breakfast is strictly 10:00 - 4 points;
  • lunch is strictly before 12:00 - 2 points;
  • Lunch 15:00 to 2 points;
  • lunch until 18:00 on 1 point;
  • Dinner 20:00 to 0 points.

You can eat foods with the specified score or less.

The third phase - to maintain weight. To receive any food except the second phase of the dinner, add one point. If the weight is still falling, to another reception, add more points. If the weight is stopped, so continue to eat constantly.

Metabolic Diet: food groups

To increase the level of metabolism in the diet offered to share all of the products based on their nutritional value into 5 groups, each of which is assigned to any number of points (the lighter the food - the lower the score). Groups include specific products:

  1. Products at 0 points: eggs, fresh vegetables, fiber, lime and lemon, grape and apple cider vinegar, green peas, parsley, mustard and horseradish, seaweed, dairy products, low fat (2%). These include more nutritious foods: mushrooms, chicken breast, turkey, rabbit, seafood and fish.
  2. Products 1 point: all kinds of berries, beans, fresh vegetables.
  3. Products on 2 points: all nuts and seeds, olives, vegetable oils, avocados, fruit, low-fat cheeses - feta cheese, bran bread, boiled carrots, buckwheat, oatmeal, brown and black rice, whole-grain cereals,
    Metabolic diet
    dairy products (2 - 4% fat). From the well-fed products in the group included: chicken, lamb, veal, beef, meat offal.
  4. Products on 3 points: hard cheese and cream, millet porridge, bitter chocolate, corn, any sweet yoghurt with additives, fruit fresh juices.
  5. Products on 4 points: spirits, beer, packaged juices, sweet tea or coffee, sugar, dried fruit, honey, mayonnaise, flour, white bread and confectionery, chocolate, semolina, candy, chips, and even potatoes, sweetened condensed milk, milk products with 4% fat, ice cream. This includes meat products such as sausage, hot dogs, deli meats and fish, all canned in oil, either pork, goose, duck and bacon.

It is believed that human metabolism can be accelerated if the right to distribute these food groups throughout the day.

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