Fruit and vegetable diet

Fruit and vegetable diet

One of the most effective and healthy weight loss diet is a fruit and vegetable diet. Not surprising, because these products are low-calorie (except for grapes, bananas and potatoes) and are rich in fiber, which gives a feeling of satiety for a long time, so this diet is easy to carry, and you do not torment yourself to death. Fiber is good for the fact that cleanses the intestines, bringing out all the toxins, improving its performance.

Diet for fruits and vegetables provide the body with plenty of vitamins, you will strengthen the immune system and will quickly notice how much better steel themselves feel and look. Eat a variety of foods, the benefit of the market there is a huge variety, you will quickly see the changes as your hair, nails and skin. However, remember this caveat, fruit and vegetable diet diet poor in protein, which is necessary muscles, which is why it is not recommended to combine with the active weight training.

It is also advisable to consult a doctor if you have problems with the stomach or intestine, as in diseases such large amounts of fiber can cause harm.

Vegetables and fruits can be used for weight loss in two schemes, as food for the discharge of the day or for a long period of time (week or more). Fasting days on the most popular fruit, as easy to carry.

How to lose weight on fruit and vegetables a day?

The menu is very simple, the time required to cook meals or at least not required

Fruit and vegetable diet
at all. You can use as fresh fruits and vegetables and cook them steamed, boiled, baked in foil, etc. Home exclude oil, salt and spices. You can pamper yourself with dried fruit, but gently, as sweets like raisins and prunes have a considerable amount of calories.

It is important to drink sufficient quantities of water (at least 1.5-2 liters per day). Drink tea without sugar, non-carbonated water, it is possible to include in the diet of fresh juices. Such fasting days is enough to arrange once a week, for one day you can easily reset from 0.5 to 1.5 kg of excess weight. A month easily lose weight 4-5 kg, without torturing yourself with hunger, and training. The great advantage of this diet is that you can greatly improve skin and hair condition, strengthen the immune system and due to the large amount of vitamins will feel great.

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