fractional diet

fractional diet

There is a great diet for those who are not willing to constantly observe some diet and not too time-constrained. The results of this approach does not give fast, but they are kept for a long time, and do not disappear after returning to the usual diet. By the way, even from him you almost do not have to retreat. This system is based on the frequent split meals, which is recognized as the most organic to humans and is recommended in many reducing diets in diseases of the internal organs, especially the digestive tract. The essence of fractional diet is simple: 5 days, you eat on the proposed diet, 10 - as usual, and alternate the way up until you reach your desired weight.

Principles and use of fractional power

To begin with we define what it means to correct split meals, which formed the basis of this diet. fractional power system requires frequent meals about every two hours in small portions. This approach has a lot of pluses:

  • you risk not overeat;
  • you constantly accelerating mechanism of metabolism with every meal;
  • you do not feel hunger;
  • the body does not feel the lack of power, and the brain does not send the signal "store energy," thus does not form excess weight;
  • digestive system begins to work correctly.

Thus, in the diet, where you eat 5 days fractional and 10 - as usual, you are helping the body to accelerate the metabolism, lose weight and do not spoil your stomach.

Fractional diet: Menu

A diet based on fractional power, requires only one permanent ban: any five-day cycle or a 10-day, you are not allowed to eat sweets. So, we need a five-day cycle here is a diet:

  • 7:00. A cup of green tea without sugar;
  • 9:00. A plate of porridge, a salad of grated carrots with lemon juice can be;
  • 11:00. Any fruit of your choice;
  • fractional diet
  • 13:00. A small piece of meat, a piece of bran bread with butter;
  • 15.00. Hard-boiled egg, a slice of cheese or half a pack of cottage cheese;
  • 17:00. Salad of fresh vegetables - cabbage, cucumbers, etc .;
  • 19:00. Several soaked dried fruits - prunes or dried apricots;
  • 21:00. A glass of kefir with 1% cream (optional).

If you miss a meal, it is not necessary to pile up, just keep eating on schedule. While flowing in this case is not recommended, because it is on the frequent meals and diet is based. Dedicating this diet 5 days, 10 days, return to normal diet, but without sweets and starchy foods. Already in the first five days, you will lose weight 3-5 kg, and this result will slowly but surely multiply with each repetition of the cycle.

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