Diet on buckwheat and kefir

Diet on buckwheat and kefir

Diet on buckwheat and kefir diet is incredibly popular in our country. It's easy to explain: First, it does not require expensive products, and secondly, it does not require long cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, and, thirdly, it is very effective.

How useful buckwheat with yogurt?

The use of buckwheat with yogurt determined remarkable properties of each of the two components of the diet. It's no secret that the cereals and dairy products are useful. Not only that buckwheat with yogurt gives purgation and the whole body of toxins, each of these products has many more useful features:

  • buckwheat can saturate as good beef steak, which is very important in the diet;
  • regular consumption of kefir improves the complexion;
  • in buckwheat contains a lot of protein and little carbohydrate, and also all of them - the complex, do not lay on his stomach in the form of fatty folds;
  • yogurt heals the liver and intestines because it contained useful lactic bacteria;
  • Buckwheat - a source of vitamins B and P, and the well as potassium, iron, iodine and fiber;
  • yogurt - a great source of protein, calcium, B vitamins and vitamin A;
  • buckwheat helps the body to cleanse the inside and removes toxins, relieves swelling;
  • those who suffer from constipation and bowel disorders, yogurt is a must!

Of course, with such a wide range of positive properties, buckwheat, kefir diet is shown not only for weight loss but also for cleansing the body of toxins, restore functioning of the intestines, liver and stomach. This is - one of the few systems of food that is not injurious to health, and on the other hand, allows you to tweak it.

Diet on buckwheat and kefir

Lose Weight on buckwheat and kefir is easy: do not have to endure the oppressive feeling of hunger. The diet is very simple, and you must cook it in the evening. Do not worry, it will not take much time. Buckwheat-kefir diet because women like and so that does not require special efforts. So, in the evening:

  1. Buy a liter bottle of fresh yogurt with good composition (milk, yeast - and nothing else). It is better that it was 1%, but sometimes can afford and 2.5% - for example, at weekends.
  2. Cook the buckwheat. Rinse the glass grains and pour it into a thermos. Pour three or three and a half cups of boiling water. Close, leave the table until the morning.
  3. If you do not have a thermos, pour cereal in the same proportion with boiling water in a saucepan, and place it in the battery or in another warm place, wrapped in something warm, even in a blanket.

All training is over! Kefir buckwheat diet, has no obstacles, and therefore the next morning you will begin a new life. The options are several diets, look at them.

  1. Long-term weight loss diet without the weight return. The essence of this diet is simple: a day you can drink no more than a liter of yogurt and eat several servings of buckwheat, and as a snack, you can use any raw fruits and vegetables. This diet is very simple and harmless, does not cause nutrient imbalances in the body and stick to it can be a long time until you achieve the desired results. The ratio of kefir, buckwheat, and vegetable food per day should be about equal.
    Diet on buckwheat and kefir
  2. 5-7 days Diet classic. All daily diet - almost raw, more precisely, brewed with buckwheat kefir - kefir no more than a liter per day, and buckwheat - not a thermos. You can eat these products individually or all at once. It is important that all the day you bite 5-6 times and did not feel hunger. For variety, you can pour buckwheat kefir.

Even if without any diets you eat buckwheat with yogurt for breakfast (fit and milled buckwheat with yogurt), you will see how to improve your well-being and increased appetite disappears.

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