delicious diet

delicious diet

Delicious diet - is the dream of any woman who is struggling with being overweight, especially if this fight was delayed and has not bear to see the same diet foods. But, given the fact that everyone has different tastes, it is difficult to choose a single option that would satisfy everyone at once. That is why it makes sense to consider a different system.

Modern Power Systems

Many popular food systems suggest delicious dishes in the diet. Perhaps the most difficult to secure a tasty dish in the separate power, but at the moment this system is not very popular, as many of its fundamental principles have been refuted.

But vegetarianism may include a variety of delicious dishes, and in addition, during the transition to this type of food people usually shed the excess weight. There are two options - vegetarian (when excluded from the food animal meat) and vegan (strict option, when in addition to the meat of animals exclude all animal products - milk, all derived from it, eggs, etc.). Any of these systems, you may well be used as a healthy food system.

option Another popular now - a raw food diet. The term is formed not by the word "cheese", and the word "raw", and suggests that you can eat anything you like, but only raw. In practice, this means that you can have unlimited any fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, dried fruit, drink milk and eat raw eggs. Any heat treatment is prohibited - until the ban on tea. And if you like fruits, nuts and vegetables - for you it will be a tasty diet for weight loss!

Most soft and suitable for most people an option - it is a system of proper nutrition. In this case, you give just a bad food - fast food, sweets (except chocolate), muffins, white bread (rye can eat), overcooked fatty foods, smoked and spicy dishes too. It is also recommended to serve with meat vegetable side dishes, breakfast oatmeal or other cereal, and supper for 2-3 hours before bedtime. This is a great option if you watch portion sizes and drink after a meal, you will lose weight - but very slow in comparison with the previous versions. About 3-4 kg per month so it will be easy to lose.

If you still want to find the most delicious diet that will lead you to the order in a short time - is to turn to other systems.

Delicious and effective diet

There is a diet that allows you to not give up any of your favorite dishes, or even mayonnaise. Menu certainly surprise you a little. Said dish you need to eat small portions throughout the day, every 2-2.5 hours. Every lover of salads will be satisfied!

  • . Day №1 Prepare classic Olivier salad (if you take a job, do not refill the mayonnaise, it can go bad - take mayonnaise separately). Eat can be no more than liter container for the entire day;
  • . Day №2 Prepare for the day salad from fresh cabbage with greens, tomato, cucumber and 7 usual burgers - one for each meal. It is necessary to eat all day. Cabbage salad - unlimited;
  • . Prepare a classic day №3 Dressed Herring, put in a liter container - is your daily rate;
  • delicious diet
  • №4 day. Cook buckwheat and add the grated raw carrots and onions (if the bow can not stand, can not). Your rate - liter for the whole day;
  • №5 day. Prepare the crab salad (in the version which is taken mayonnaise packet of crab sticks, a glass of boiled rice, corn and Bank 4 eggs). Again liter container for the whole day;
  • №6 day. Prepare soup or any other similar soup. You can 7 batches of 200-300 grams;
  • №7 day. Any fruit in any quantity.

It is important to completely exclude bread, sugar and butter to eat 7 times a day and every morning without fail to drink a glass of water.

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