A healthy diet for weight loss

A healthy diet for weight loss

The basis of a healthy and balanced diet is the right combination of products. If you decide to get rid of the extra kilos, bring your weight back to normal, or simply gather to do away with bad habits and lead a healthy life, you first need to become familiar with the principles of a healthy diet. In this article we will discuss in detail which products are suitable for a healthy and balanced diet, how to eat and how to use products together. A healthy diet can be beneficial not only for weight loss, but also improve the health and quality of life in general.

Healthy diet: diet or lifestyle?

Having studied the principles of a healthy diet, you will learn how you can eat delicious and still be healthy. Using food as a healthy diet, you can lose weight, but if you lead a healthy lifestyle, you can not think about the extra kilograms.

In order to choose a correct and healthy diet, you need to change your eating habits. Remember one basic rule: "A healthy diet - a healthy life!" To begin to change the usual cooking methods. Cooking healthy meals and healthy does not mean that the food will be fresh and monotonous. Rather, you will appreciate the benefits of healthy eating, and feel gratitude own body.

healthy diet menu for weight loss should be subject to certain requirements:

Meat - the main source of animal protein. Protein is the most scarce product in the world. Proteins are essential for our body at least that the reason that they are the basis of every cell, every organ. Meat is necessary to choose the lower fat content. Pork can be replaced with beef, chicken and rabbit meat. Also useful will be low-fat varieties of fish. When selecting meat, note that it did not have fat, it is desirable to use a fillet. With regard to the method of preparation, the meat is better to cook and bake. it is not recommended to eat grilled meat.

Vegetables and fruits - sources of vitamins and minerals supply the body with vital energy and improve metabolism. Vegetables and fruits should make up 40-45% of the basic diet of a healthy person. Eat vegetables and fruits are best fresh. Also vegetables can be steamed, do have salads, soups cook. From fruit juice can be done. Note that prematurely appeared on the shelves of fruit and vegetables may contain harmful to the body nitrates. Do not rush to buy them, the rainy season, when they appear in abundance.

Cereals - a source of carbohydrates and vegetable proteins. Carbohydrates are needed by the body for proper metabolism. The most suitable cereals for a healthy diet are as follows: oat, buckwheat, rice and beans. From cereals can be cooked a variety of cereals, with the addition of meat, vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Oil - source of essential fatty acids the body. Animal fat (butter) have a firm texture and they contain saturated fatty acids. Vegetable fats (vegetable oils, seeds, nuts) are typically liquid, they contain unsaturated fatty acids. The dishes healthy diet for women as for men should prevail vegetable fats. Vegetable fats positively affect not only the metabolism but also on sexual health. Use for cooking healthy meals olive oil, walnuts and pine nuts, hazelnuts.

Dairy products - a source of calcium and animal protein. Use in your diet milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, the minimum fat content. With milk and cheese can be prepared in a variety of desserts, tucking them in fruits and berries. Also milk can be boiled porridge of cereals offered.

Make a healthy eating menu for the week and try it out this method on itself.

A healthy diet for weight loss
Divide the number of meals 5-6 times, eat on the principle of "less, but more." Replace the black tea green, without sugar. Sugar can be replaced with honey and salt - the soy sauce. Coffee and alcohol eliminate from your diet. The results will be felt after the first five days!

For the best effect on a healthy diet, use the exercise. The combination of these two components and avoiding harmful habits change your life for the better! Morning exercises and light jogging will charge you with cheerfulness and improve body tone for the whole day. Over time, you might think about doing fitness or some sport.

I sincerely wish you success!

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